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Theory Lessons Live Online

Music theory knowledge is essential for learning to master the instrument that you play.
Often there is not enough time to cover theory during an instrumental lesson, so additional Skype theory lessons can be really helpful.

If you are happy with your current instrumental teacher and want to top up your theory knowledge, these lessons are for you.

Skype theory lessons online - Music Lessons Anywhere
“Mr Dan is simply amazing, thank you very much for providing me with such a wonderful teacher.”Yadala Sudhakar, India
Mr Sudhakar, shown here taking an online theory lesson with Dan (on screen) has been taking online theory lessons with us since January 2016 and is now studying Grade 7 Theory.

You will receive one-to-one live lessons online with a qualified and experienced music teacher, who will tailor make lessons to suit your needs no matter what your level is, from beginner right up to the higher ABRSM Theory levels.

Video clips of a group theory lesson live online with 3 students in different locations around the world

After each lesson, we will email you the worksheets you need and will mark your work and email it back to you.
When you are ready to sit an exam, we can help you find an ABRSM exam centre near you.
Essential for students wanting to progress to ABRSM Grade 6 to 8 practical exams, a pass in Grade 5 Theory is needed. We run a Fast Track Grade 5 Theory Course to help students gain a pass as quickly as possible.
Our Theory Lessons Live Online are the same price as our online piano lessons which start at £30 per hour.

Our students who take ABRSM Theory Exams have consistently gained a pass rate of a Merit (marks scored over 80%) or higher.

Contact me here for a free chat about our Live Skype Theory Lessons Online!

After you contact us, we will arrange a free, no obligation meeting over Skype for a chat.
Theory Lessons Live Online can also be managed for groups of students based in one location, or you and your friend/s from anywhere in the world can meet to share the theory lessons live online.
Contact Tracy for prices for Theory Lessons Live Online for two or more students.