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All lessons are tailored to meet your needs

For all ages, beginners to advanced levels

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Tracy Rose teaching online over Zoom
“Music Lessons Anywhere is simply amazing, thank you very much for being such a wonderful teacher.”Yadala Sudhakar, India,  shown here taking a live online theory lesson with Tracy


We provide online theory lessons for:

  • Exams
  • Building on your existing skills
  • Becoming a more rounded musician
  • Taking your theory skills into composition
  • Learning theory for composing

We always design our lessons specifically for you, so you easily reach your goals.

Consistently high pass rates

Our students who take ABRSM Theory Exams have consistently gained a pass rate of a Merit (marks scored over 80%) or higher.

“I’m very delighted to inform you that Rudayna passed her Grade 5 Theory Exam with a Distinction! We are so grateful for your effort and passion during last year with her.”Mona Eldighady, Saudi Arabia
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Your online theory teacher

You will receive one-to-one live lessons online with either me, Tracy Rose or one of my other qualified and experienced music teachers. We tailor make lessons to suit your needs no matter what your level is, from beginner right up to the higher ABRSM Theory levels.


“What makes Tracy’s approach exceptional is that she very quickly assesses then continues to identify specific knowledge/skill gaps in the particular student which enables her to then address same in a very focused manner. We would highly recommend!”Helen Cole, Ireland
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If you need to pass ABRSM Grade 5 quickly, try our specialist Fast Track Grade 5 Theory Lessons.

Specialist Grade 5 Theory tuition

Essential for students wanting to progress to ABRSM Grade 6 to 8 practical exams, a pass in Grade 5 Theory is needed. We run a Fast Track Grade 5 Theory Course to help students gain a pass as quickly as possible.
ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Distinction
Samuel passed his ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exam with a Distinction scoring an amazing 74 out of 75 after only five lessons


“Tracy has given me the right tools to get through Grade 5 theory with ease. What always seemed daunting, has been made easy to understand. That’s what good teaching is all about!”Denise Silvey, England
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Myths about the Grade 5 Theory Exam

Tracy says, “I’ve had both parents and students who have come to me, saying that they have heard that the exam is very hard and distinction level practical exam students have barely scraped passes in the theory exam.”
“This is simply not true. Exam success is all in how theory is taught. I’ve had students come to me who dislike theory, who have gone on to pass with distinctions.”

Included in lesson prices

Free worksheets

We provide all the worksheets you need for your course. We will email you the worksheets you need, mark your work and email it back to you.

Emailed lesson notes

After every lesson we email detailed notes about the lesson to you, so you can revise what was covered, easily see what you need to work on and track your progress.

Free workshops

In addition to regular lessons, we provide several different free theory workshops in our huge range of free online workshops.

Theory lesson prices

Our online theory lessons start at £18.25 for 30 minutes (approx. US$23, €21, 87 SRI).

Skype theory lessons online student Megan - Music Lessons Anywhere
Wow – Megan has passed her music theory exam! Tracy, your brilliant teaching approach had Megan relaxed, enthusiastic, laughing, enjoying & most importantly you helped Megan to believe in herself. With your help & Megan’s effort, she reached the summit of the mountain she had to climb and got her just rewards. Thank you so much!”
Caroline Wroe, England
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Try a free live online fast track Grade 5 theory lesson


Theory lessons for groups

Online theory lessons can also be managed for groups of students based in one location, or you and your friend/s from anywhere in the world can meet to share the theory lessons live online.
Group lessons are less expensive than one-to-one lessons because the cost of the lesson can be shared between students attending.
£44.50 for an hour (approx. US$57, €52, 212 SRI) shared between two students.
£10.50 is added per hour, for each additional student added to the group.
£36.75 for 45 minutes (approx. US$47, €43, 175 SRI) shared between two students.
£8.70 is added per 45 minutes, for each additional student added to the group.
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Video clips of a group theory lesson live online with 3 students in different locations



Together, we also make a great team for online homeschool music lessons!