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Stephie is our specialist, advanced piano teacher, providing live online advanced piano lessons via Skype, with 26 years’ teaching experience.
With Stephie’s teaching and performing experience, she takes students beyond ABRSM Grade 8 to study for any of the four Diplomas: ARSM, DipABRSM, LRSM and FRSM.


“Stephie is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. She is flexible and responsive to my requests of different pieces of music and did not insist on sticking to the book. Stephie is always sensitive to my request asking about my needs and always offering to help. She believes in me and always encourages me to challenge myself. Thank you very much Stephie!”Nadia Ashraf, Pennsylvania, USA

Stephie has been teaching International Baccalaureate (IB) students for 15 years. This involves aspects of composition, performance and critical analysis of music, helping students to develop their abilities to enhance their appreciation and enjoyment of music.
Throughout the years, Stephie has also taught elementary-intermediate-advanced levels of music. This has provided her with extensive experience, including rigorous preparation and high performance standards required for Ministry-set Examinations, Exit Criteria, Piano Competitions, Master Classes and Diplomas.
Stephie’s qualifications include:
Artist’s Diploma (Piano), MMus Performance (National Conservatory, Greece)
MMus Education (Athinaiko Conservatory, Greece)
QTS, Teacher Reference Number 1386725 
IBMYP Music, IB Diploma Music 
Her experience in performance includes work with the Amberlink Ensemble which she co-founded with her sister in 2012. The ensemble comprises six performing artists.
Amberlink Ensemble - advanced online piano lessons
Advanced online piano teacher, Stephie, with the Amberlink Ensemble
Stephie’s years of teaching provided her with a wealth of information, books, CDs and Creative Listening material that can be used to help advanced piano students prepare successfully for up-coming recitals, presentations and examinations.
During the 11 years in her role as Musical Director of The International School of Athens, Stephie directed 23 musical concerts there and 5 musicals. It was here that she created and developed the music department, responsible for implementing the IBMYP, IB Diploma Programme and both the National Curriculum and US Curriculum.
Stephie has also taught at the Attikon Conservatory (Athens) and the National Conservatory (Athens).
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Stephie’s current work in online advanced piano lessons (IB Music Diploma), has allowed her to work closely with Year 1 and Year 2 IB Music students. Teaching them at their preferred pace and in their preferred manner of learning, and enabled with all the online tools and materials needed for students to excel in their studies, Stephie thoroughly prepares them for exams and exit criteria.

“I am myself a piano teacher. So far my online advanced piano lessons with Stephie have been everything I hoped for. Her knowledge is extensive and she pays great attention to detail. She gives really useful and supportive feedback, and the practice notes after each lesson are great.”Leah Murphey, Republic Of Ireland


Try free Skype live online advanced piano lessons


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