Online Songwriting Lessons over Zoom or Skype

Our online songwriting lessons are for all ages, children to adults


All styles of songwriting covered

We cover all styles from ballad to rock to folk…
We even record and send you backing tracks for your songs.
Above all, we make writing songs fun!


No prior knowledge of music is needed!

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Songwriting Lessons Online with Tracy Rose at Music Lessons Anywhere
Tracy, head of Music Lessons Anywhere, hosting an online songwriting lesson


“Thank you Music Lessons Anywhere for this amazing experience to learn from a very skilled and amazing music teacher! I was taught how to use Ableton and create amazing music/sound. I’m very grateful for the lessons and am looking forward to more!”Margarette Perolino, Canada
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Learn how to write great songs the right way

  • Develop your song idea/s.
  • We can help you write great song lyrics.
  • Learn to understand song structures, rhythm, harmonies and chords.
  • Take your composition/s through to completed song/s with us.
  • Develop your singing voice to sing with confidence.
  • Learn how to perform your song like a professional!


Try a sample online songwriting lesson

After you submit your enquiry, Tracy will get back to you by email to arrange a time to meet for a chat over Zoom or Skype and to answer any questions you may have.
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Ana took online song writing and online singing lessons over Zoom, with our online singing teacher Carol. This is Ana’s own song which was mixed and produced by us at Music Lessons Anywhere.


Our online songwriting lessons get you started quickly

We’ll get you writing your own songs straight away.
Develop songs from the first glimmer of an idea to a fully completed song.
We can even help you perform your song by providing recorded backing tracks, singing tuition and direction in developing a professional delivery of your song.

Understand of the art of songwriting

We will help you understand of the art of songwriting by expanding your understanding of lyrics, rhythm, and harmony & chords.
A ballad, a folk or rock song, heavy or light and funny, every student wants to write a different song, so all our online songwriting lessons are uniquely tailored exactly for what each student wants to write.

Our experienced, professional teachers

Kelsey online songwriting lessons
Kelsey Rogers – Songwriting, music technology, piano, strings, singing, conducting and music for media teacher.

Mix online songwriting lessons
Mix Amylo – Songwriting, clarinet, saxophone, singing and piano teacher.

Music Lessons Anywhere online songwriting lessons
Carol Hodge – Songwriting and music theory teacher.

All of us understand the importance of writing songs and the thrill of creating music from original ideas.
It’s a privilege for us to be involved with the creative songwriting process with students and between us, we have a wealth of experience to guide you, stage by stage, to accomplish your finished piece.


We make writing songs fun!



Our Skype or Zoom songwriting lessons online prices

Our live Zoom or Skype songwriting lessons start at:
£18.25 (approx. US$23, €21, 87 SRI) for 30 minutes.
£26.75 (approx. US$34, €31, 128 SRI) for 45 minutes.
£33.50 (approx. US$43, €39, 160 SRI) for 60 minutes.
More about our lesson prices here.


Try a free live online songwriting lesson


Our Songwriting Lessons Online can also be managed for groups of students based in one location, or you and your friend/s from anywhere in the world can meet to share the lessons live online. Group songwriting lessons can be shared by 2 to a maximum of 5 students.

Songwriting Lessons Online with Tracy Rose at Music Lessons Anywhere