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The IB Programme is an international curriculum. It covers the ‘Early Years’, ‘Middle Years’, and ‘Diploma Programmes’.
Emphasis is on a well-rounded education. In addition, students are expected to master a wide range of subjects.
The IB Programme is a popular choice with International Schools. It is also popular in global-facing boarding schools. However, it is an intensive, highly academic course of study.

Our online IB Music teacher

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Stephie Koulouris, with over 15 years experience teaching IB Music


Our experience in IB Music tuition

Stephie’s vast experience and IB teaching materials, comprehensively support IB Music students. For instance, in the preparation of Performance, Composition and Musical Links Investigation. Above all, they build an understanding of Music Theory, Harmony, Form & Analysis and Music History. As well as development of Aural Perception and Listening.

“Stephie possesses this amazing ability to decode the IB syllabus and explain it in a way that it is clear down to the last detail. I went into my first session without any understanding of the IB music requirements, and left with a plan and process to take on through each task. Truly an oracle of music education – and a friendly and approachable teacher too. I would recommend her endlessly.”Sebastien Papadopoulo, UAE

Stephie says, “I have taught IB Music for 11 consecutive years in an International School. Firstly, through this experience, I have become familiar with the rigorous programme. It presents many challenges. Secondly, it has enabled me to work closely with Year 1 and Year 2 students. Finally preparing students for their IB Music Diploma Exams. Similarly I have taken this experience to teaching IB Music online over Zoom or Skype.
My years of teaching have provided me with a wealth of resources and past papers. So using this material, students excel in their studies, as they prepare for up-coming examinations.”


Read Stephie’s biography here

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Student focus

Student focus is usually in areas in which they have studied music:

  • Exploring music in context.
  • Experimenting with music.
  • Presenting music.
  • The contemporary music maker.


Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation is developed firstly through aural perception. Secondly, through critical Listening skills. Thirdly, through formal analysis

Preparation for 11+ Music Appreciation Exams includes:

  • Development of aural perception skills. For example, through guided revision/study of selected sample pieces. These include the pre-Classical, Classical and Contemporary repertoire.
  • Development of aural perception skills. For example, through guided revision/study of selected pieces from the literature of World Music.
  • Formal analysis of an unseen score.
  • Formal analysis of a seen score.
  • Revision/study of past specimen papers.
  • Solid foundation in music history.
  • Finally, thorough study/revision of musical elements belonging to each time-band.


Included in lesson prices

We provide you with all the materials you need, before each lesson.

Free workshops

In addition to regular lessons, we provide a huge range of free online workshops.

Emailed lesson notes

After every lesson we email detailed notes about the lesson to you, so you can revise what was covered, easily see what you need to work on and track your progress.


IB Music lesson and support prices

Our online IB Music lessons and support prices start are £33.50 GB Pounds (approx. US$43, €39, 160 SRI) per hour.

We can also teach groups of two or more students online, together in the same location, or together from different locations. Costs for online IB Music lessons and support for groups can be shared amongst students taking the same lesson.
The cost for group lessons is slightly more than for a one-to-one lesson, but the cost can be shared between those attending the lesson.

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