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Skype harmonica lessons online

Our Skype harmonica lessons online are for all ages and abilities.
Learn any style of harmonica playing!

Ed Hopwood, our Skype harmonica teacher

The harmonica is a fantastic instrument. It is fast becoming the rival to the ukulele in recent popularity. The harmonica is small, portable and incredibly versatile.

Of course we all know the harmonica as a blues instrument. Whilst the blues is crucial to the evolution of harmonica styles (and vice versa), the diatonic harmonica is used widely in many styles of music. Its limits are few.

We send you lesson notes after each lesson. These enable you to revise with ease, what was covered in each lesson.

Lesson notes also help you focus on areas where you need to practise most. They also allow you to track your progress over time.

If you take Skype harmonica lessons, we’ll cover all the fundamentals of playing the harmonica. We provide a wealth of selected resources and backing tracks to make the learning process enjoyable.



After you submit your enquiry for a free trial online harmonica lesson, Tracy will get back to you by email to arrange a time to meet for a chat over Skype. She will answer any questions and arrange your free trial harmonica lesson.

Ed makes learning to play harmonica online fun!
The price of our Online Harmonica Lessons for individual students (live one-to-one tuition) is £30 GB Pounds ($39 US approx.) per hour.



We can also teach groups of two or more students online, together in the same location, or together from different locations. Costs for online harmonica lessons for groups can be shared amongst students taking the same lesson. The cost for group lessons is £40 ($53 US approx.) for an hour shared by two students or £50 ($65 US approx.) for an hour shared by 3 to 5 students (maximum 5 students to a group lesson).