Carlos Rodriguez

Online guitar teacher, acoustic and electric


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Carlos teaches online guitar with Music Lessons Anywhere, from beginner to advanced levels and at all ages.


Carlos’s background

Carlos has a Masters Degree in Music Design from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in the Netherlands. From his home, he provides live online guitar lessons to students, anywhere in the world.
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Founding his own acoustic company, Carlos focused on creating acoustic designs for audio recording studios, paging systems for buildings and engineering consultancy.
Carlos has been involved in retailing instruments, specialising in PA systems and live rigs, and has his own record label which became the foundation for a show production company. From here, he has worked as part of a show production team for more than 30 national and international shows.

Descomunal is such a foundation for the heavy music in Ecuador, considered as one of the biggest metal bands in the country”Radio Cocoa reviewing one of Carlo’s bands ‘Descomunal’

With this experience, Carlos plays and is able to offer online guitar lessons in an extraordinary wide range of styles, from folk and acoustic to rock and metal.

Carlos Rodriguez and Sarah Wienke’s folk duo ‘Mirror Matter’


“I really look forward to my weekly guitar lessons with Carlos, we alternate between electric and classical guitar so I can progress with both. He’s really friendly, very patient and makes the lessons fun and interesting.”William Cavell, England

Originally from Ecuador, Carlos now lives and works in the Netherlands. He is fluent in both Spanish (his native language) and English.

Carlos’s interests

Carlos’s personal interest in music is focused on blending cultures by establishing collaborations amongst artists with different cultural backgrounds.
He believes that this enables an unusual creative processes and so produces innovative results.
Carlos has embarked on European tours with his musical projects. These have helped to forge associations with companies such as Aristides Instruments, Ortega Guitars, Pyramid Strings, and more.

Carlos’s teaching

Carlos’s approach to teaching is to allow you to lead the way you want to go. So your online guitar lessons enable you to get the most from your lessons for where you want to go.
As well as providing live online guitar lessons over Zoom or Skype, Carlos can also offer professional musicians advice on working within the music live circuit. He can also help you with your own compositions, arrangements and music theory. Through his diverse experience as a seasoned artist he can help any aspiring guitarist put on great live performances.
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One of Carlos’s bands playing with The National Symphonic Orchestra Of Ecuador


Try a sample online guitar lesson over Zoom or Skype


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