Online flute lessons over Zoom or Skype

Online flute lessons, one-to-one with an experienced, professional tutor


For all ages, from beginner to advanced levels

Our teacher's view of her online flute lesson
Our teacher’s view of her online flute lesson, her student is on screen

Beginners can learn how to put your instrument together and develop the correct embouchure (mouth positioning). We’ll get you playing straight away, so you’ll be able to play a song in no time.
We’ll help advanced players develop their technique and study for ABRSM exams. We’re an MTB accredited exam centre, so you can even sit MTB exams online with us.

We teach all styles of music

online flute lessons at Music Lessons Anywhere

Learn to play contemporary music or classical styles. You can incorporate popular music and fun elements into your lessons and learning.

Our flute teachers are experienced in teaching advanced students but also trained as classroom music teachers. So they’re able to teach a wide variety of techniques. These really help build a good foundation in the musical basics and in theory.


“Our daughter really wanted to try the flute and I now have a chance to pursue the piano as well. Her teacher has been great for both of us. She’s patient and kind, and both of us find ourselves improving and motivated to practice under her instruction. A good teacher is a good teacher, online or in person.” – Helen Maas, Angola


Included in lesson prices

We provide you with all the materials you need, before each lesson.

Free workshops

In addition to regular lessons, we provide a huge range of free online workshops.

Emailed lesson notes

After every lesson we email detailed notes about the lesson to you, so you can revise what was covered, easily see what you need to work on and track your progress.

Online flute lessons lesson notes
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We make learning to play flute fun!



Our online flute lessons prices

Our flute lessons start at:
£18.25 (approx. US$23, €21, 87 SRI) for 30 minutes.
£26.75 (approx. US$34, €31, 128 SRI) for 45 minutes.
£33.50 (approx. US$43, €39, 160 SRI) for 60 minutes.
More about our lesson prices here.



Try a sample online flute lesson

We can also teach groups of two or more students online, together in the same location, or together from different locations. Costs for online flute lessons for groups can be shared amongst students taking the same lesson.
The cost for group lessons is slightly more than for a one-to-one lesson, but the cost can be shared between those attending the lesson.



Learn to play for exams

If you wish to progress through Grades, we can make all the arrangements for you, to sit ABRSM exams wherever you are in the world. ABRSM exams can be taken in 93 countries. All our students gain consistently high pass marks.
Many students choose to take exams online with us. We are an accredited MTB exam centre, so you can sit the exams from your own home, anywhere in the world.
We also follow the syllabuses and cater for all major exam boards, including Con Brio, Trinity, RCM and RCL.


Skype flute lessons online

A student’s side view of one of our Zoom flute lessons


“I cannot thank Music Lessons Anywhere enough! 
My daughter Erin is so lucky to have you as her flute teacher! We honestly feel like we have struck gold! She is extremely hard working, friendly, enthusiastic and the best teacher by far that we have ever had.
We are currently based in Saudi Arabia and the beauty of Music Lessons Anywhere is that when we move on to the next country our Music Lessons Anywhere teacher will be moving with us! Actually, if or when we move back to the UK we would still keep her!
There are so many benefits to this style of teaching. We love the detailed feedback emailed promptly after every lesson and the teacher goes above and beyond with Youtube links, theory pages and of course a whole lot of encouragement. Also, from a busy Mum’s point of view with younger children in the house it is a godsend….one less car journey every week!”

Bernie More, Saudi Arabia



Try a sample online flute lesson



Together, we also make a great team for online homeschool music lessons!