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Sibelius lessons from introductory to professional level


Composing lessons

We also offer live online composing tuition using Sibelius, Cubase and Pro Tools.
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Small to complex problems solved

We can overcome problems where you have got stuck. Or we take you from something as simple as writing down a harmonic 4-part exercise to more complex scoring.
Or you might need help with something as complex as a symphonic film cue. You need to prepare the conductor’s score and all the individual parts. Whatever your needs, we can guide you with ease.
All lessons are tailored to meet your needs.

Learn efficient and effective scoring

Having a clear score is of vital importance. Each minute at the recording studio costs you money. No-one wants to waste money on things that could have been done at home.
We can teach you how to create modern and contemporary scores with Sibelius. This will help you to produce complex and competent graphic notations.

“I started off wanting a few lessons in Sibelius. Now, we have expanded to weekly lessons in composition, performance techniques and exploring different research areas.
It is amazing that I can login each week, from a small country town in Australia, and be connected to a professional musician and teacher on the other side of the world.
Music Lessons Anywhere Sibelius lessons are truly the best lessons I have accessed – all in the comfort of my own home.
I cannot recommend them highly enough. My lessons are the highlight of the week.”

Rob Kelly (professional musician), Australia.


One-off or regular lessons

We offer one-off lessons to answer any questions related to the software or the scores you are editing or composing with Sibelius. Or you can take regular lessons which will elevate you to wherever you want to go. Become a competent user or an accomplished Sibelius professional.


What to expect to achieve

Through regular lessons, depending on your starting level, you will be able to:

  • Produce any type of music score ready for publishing and printing.
  • Work at a faster pace producing music scores.
  • Create compositions and/or Music Worksheets with Sibelius.



Quickly solve common problems

  • Introducing all the notes only with the mouse (very time consuming).
  • Specific obstacles may be encountered, solutions to which are difficult or impossible to find on the web.
  • Your score editing is slow when pace can be dramatically improved by following specific training.
  • Working through Sibelius Reference Guides is inefficient as you don’t necessarily need use of all its multitude of options.
  • The web may provide answers and information about using Sibelius but it is difficult to find how to make workflow more efficient, when producing a specific types of scores.


How lessons work

  • Your online Sibelius teacher shares their screen through the video call (eg. Skype or Zoom) to demonstrate how to operate the program, as well as to review files you send over.
  • You may share your screen if you need to show any aspect of your workflow.
  • Sibelius and Skype or Zoom can easily be set up so sound can be heard on both. We usually help you set this up during the free trial lesson, so communication between us is seamless.


“My teacher is endlessly enthusiastic teacher and never wastes time and my lists of questions are answered quickly. I’m helped with my composing ideas without my creative toes being stepped on.
I couldn’t imagine a better teacher anywhere.

Chris Cavalari, New York, USA.


Your teacher Kelsey

Live Skype Sibelius lessons online - Music Lessons Anywhere

Kelsey has been using Sibelius as a professional composer since 2012.
More about Kelsey here.


Technical requirements

Software requirements

  • If possible, the latest version of Sibelius, but earlier versions are acceptable.
  • Video-calling Software such as Skype or Zoom.

Hardware requirements

  • Minimum of 1 GB RAM (16 GB if you are going to use the Sibelius Sound Set, you will need 36 GB of disk space, preferably SSD)
  • 1 GB of disk space (in reality, Sibelius files take very little space, so 1 GB may amount to a lifetime of scores 🙂 )
  • Speakers and headphones
  • Microphone (laptop built-in is OK)
  • Webcam (laptop built-in is OK)
  • Internet connection


Live online Sibelius lesson prices

The price of our Sibelius Lessons for individual students (live one-to-one tuition) is £44.50 (approx. US$57, €51, 212 SRI) per hour.


Sibelius lessons can also be taken as Correspondence Lessons.
Part of the tuition is by email with fewer but more flexible contact lessons.
Music Lessons Anywhere - Sibelius and Cubase Correspondence Lessons A brochure about the Correspondence Lessons for Sibelius and Cubase can be viewed here.



A Sibelius score and composition, ‘Dusk’ by Chris Cavalari.
Chris took online Sibelius lessons with us and kindly sent us this video, especially for this page. Thank you Chris!

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Online composing lessons

online composing lessons at Music Lessons Anywhere

We teach composition with or without using Cubase, Sibelius and Pro Tools or other score editors.
Contact us for courses in written composition.
Our most common workflow consists of using Sibelius for producing the score and parts. Cubase we use for the midi mock-up and Pro Tools for preparing the recording session.
However, we understand that you might have a preference for a different score editor (eg. Finale) or a different DAW (eg. Logic, Reaper, Live Ableton, Fl Studio, etc). Your musical possibilities should not be restricted by your software.

I’ve been studying composition and piano live online with Music Lessons Anywhere for 6 months and I have been making great progress. My online composition teacher is motivating me and helping me to reach my personal musical goals.
Highly recommended.

Krzysztof Gosudarski, Luton, England.


Online composing lessons styles

We offer two main categories of online composition tuition:

  • Composing music in an existing musical styles
  • Finding and developing your own musical voice

You may wish to create a composition using an existing musical style. For this, we can provide expert online tuition in any of an ever increasing number of styles.
Some of the main musical styles in which we teach composition in depth are:

Medieval Music

  • Organa and origin of polyphony
  • Ars Antiqua
  • Ars Nova


  • Vocal forms
  • Instrumental forms


  • Chorals, Canons, Inventions, Fugue, Preludes, Fantasias
  • Suite and Concerto
  • Vocal forms (Motets, Cantatas, Messes)

Classicism (1st Viennese School)

  • Sonata (solo – octet)
  • Concerto and Symphony
  • Opera


  • Piano solo (nocturnes, mazurkas, intermezzi, etc)
  • Chamber Music
  • Concerto and Symphony
  • Opera

20th and 21th Century

  • Contemporary Music
  • Impressionism (Debussy, Ravel, etc)
  • Free Atonality eg. Schoenberg
  • Dodecaphonic Music (2nd Viennese School)
  • Neo-Classicism (Hindemith, Bartok, Shostakovich, etc)
  • Messiaen
  • Ligeti
  • Spectralism (Grisey, Murail, etc)
  • Gubaidulina
  • Minimalism (Glass, Reich, etc)
  • Musique concrete
  • Elektronische Musik
  • Electroacoustic Music
  • Popular music
  • Blues
  • Jazz (Swing, Cool, Bebop, Modal, Latin, Fusion)
  • Rock, RnB, Pop, Soul, Funk, etc
  • Cinematic Music
  • Standards: Comedy, Action, Suspense, Ethnic (World), Epic, Heroic, Moody Drama, Fantasy, Emotive
  • In the style of: John Williams, Hans Zimmer, etc

See our specialist live online Music For Media Lessons here.


Learning the basics of composing

To learn the basics and principals of a certain musical style doesn’t take long. We can help you take it to the next level, even to becoming a master composer if you wish.
For beginners, at first it may seem like learning a foreign language. But you’ll soon begin to understand the language of composing and become fluent with how it’s working. We can help you with this process.  

Develop your own ideas

We welcome online composition students who have their own ideas which they’d like to develop. Knowing the principals and mastering many styles, will make you unique as both a composer and as a musician.


Our online composing lessons prices

Our live composing lessons start at:
£18.25 (approx. US$23, €21, 87 SRI) for 30 minutes.
£26.75 (approx. US$34, €31, 128 SRI) for 45 minutes.
£33.50 (approx. US$43, €39, 160 SRI) for 60 minutes.
More about our lesson prices here.

We can also teach groups of two or more students online, together in the same location, or together from different locations. Costs for online composing lessons for groups can be shared amongst students taking the same lesson.
The cost for group lessons is slightly more than for a one-to-one lesson, but the cost can be shared between those attending the lesson.
If you have any questions, please contact Tracy who can arrange a chat over Skype or Zoom and for you to try a free lesson.



Together, we also make a great team for online homeschool music lessons!