Online Solfege Lessons

Online solfege lessons for groups or individuals over Zoom


online solfege group lessons teacher
Your solfege group lessons teacher, Stephie


Why learn Solfege?

Solfege helps you recognize recurring patterns in music.
Solfege improves sight-singing & sight-reading skills.
Solfege supports music transcription & composition.
Solfege helps you learn relative pitch and recall of melodies at will.
Solfege is great for supplementing regular instrumental lessons.
Learning solfege in a group setting is fun!


“This class is like learning to read.  When I look at a new piece of music now I am starting to be able to play it in my mind before touching the piano keys and my sense of rhythm has improved enormously.  This class reinforces everything I learn in my piano classes.”
Madelaine Smith, England


Our group solfege lessons are suitable for all ages, at any level

online solfege group lessons at Music Lessons Anywhere
An online group solfege lesson in action

The group solfege lessons are led by Stephie Koulouris, our specialist, advanced piano teacher with over 26 years’ teaching experience.

Through Solfege, you will learn to read music in all clefs, effortlessly.
You’ll learn to vocalize notes from simple major and minor scales, identifying relationships between these notes, while understanding and recognizing patterns.

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A solfege lesson over Zoom


online solfege lesson student
“I loved every single session. I can already notice a huge difference in the rhythmical coordination when conducting the more complex pieces.”
Hugo Noro, England


zoom solfege lesson student
“Thank you for offering this course. It really helped with my ear and rhythm training.”
Nicole Retuta, Hawaii, USA



Our Skype or Zoom solfege group lessons online prices

Four 45 minute weekly online solfege lessons costs £53.50 (approx. US$68, €62, 255 SRI) for four lessons.


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