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Our online singing lessons and online voice training lessons, are guaranteed to bring out the best in your voice!


All ages

Absolute beginners to advanced singers

All styles of singing

Take singing exams from a range of exam boards

Take MTB exams with us!

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Video clips of one of our online singing lessons with a beginner


“By the end of just the first lesson, Alex’s voice sounded stronger and her delivery much more controlled.”Jennie Walsh, Alex’s Mum


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Learn the correct techniques

Beginners improve their singing very quickly when they’re taught in the correct way. Advanced singers will benefit from enhanced techniques, taking them to the next level.
We can help you with your breathing, technique and provide you with all the skills to help you to sing with confidence!
Kavya - online singing student performing onstage
Music Lessons Anywhere student Kavya, performing on stage


All lessons tailored to your needs

Each student’s needs are different, so all our Online Singing Lessons are uniquely tailored to each student’s specific needs.

“My 10 year old son’s teacher is responsive to his ideas and has been so patient with him and building his confidence.
The lessons are presented well, organized and are followed up with an email that includes a summary and resources to practice and a heads up for the next lesson.
I look forward to many more lessons and watching my son learn more.
I recommend Music Lessons Anywhere!”

Dana Wells – Bahrain
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Write and sing your own songs

online singing lessons at Music Lessons Anywhere

Many students come to us wanting to learn how to write songs. We can teach you how to write great songs and how to sing and deliver them at a professional level.
We provide online singing with guitar lessons and online singing with piano lessons too.

Included in lesson prices

Zoom singing lessons at Music Lessons Anywhere

We provide you with all the materials you need, before each lesson.

Free workshops

In addition to regular lessons, we provide a huge range of free online workshops.

Emailed lesson notes

After every lesson we email detailed notes about the lesson to you, so you can revise what was covered, easily see what you need to work on and track your progress.

Music Lessons Anywhere - Lesson notes after online singing tuition

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Our online singing teachers

The energy and enthusiasm all our singing teachers present, is infectious. They have the skills to bring out and develop the best in students. From the very first lesson we see new students’ confidence boosted, thus voices transformed straight away.
We help improve the delivery of songs and if you are a performer or wish to take to the stage, we can help you to develop your stage presence.
Music LessonsAnywhere online singing lessons
Music Lessons Anywhere student Alex, taking an online singing lesson


“I have an exceptionally skilled teacher with the ability to captivate even a 3 year old child for an entire music lesson, with at least 1000 different creative ideas of what to do!”Lizzy Hogg, Thailand
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Our Skype or Zoom singing lessons online prices

Our live Zoom or Skype singing lessons start at:
£18.25 (approx. US$23, €21, 87 SRI) for 30 minutes.
£26.75 (approx. US$34, €31, 128 SRI) for 45 minutes.
£33.50 (approx. US$43, €39, 160 SRI) for 60 minutes.
More about our lesson prices here.


Try a sample singing lesson over Zoom or Skype



Online singing lessons for groups

Our Online Singing Lessons can also be managed for groups of students based in one location, or you and your friend/s from anywhere in the world can meet to share the lessons live online.
The cost for Online Singing Lessons for groups is £42 ($57 US approx.) for an hour shared by two students or £52.50 ($72 US approx.) for an hour shared by 3 to 5 students (maximum 5 students to a group lesson).
Some video clips of one of our online singing lessons for groups:
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Singing groups and choirs

If you are just starting out with your own singing group and would like professional guidance, or you have an established choir, we can help!
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Learn to play for exams

If you wish to progress through Grades, we can make all the arrangements for you, to sit ABRSM exams wherever you are in the world. ABRSM exams can be taken in 93 countries. All our students gain consistently high pass marks.
Many students choose to take exams online with us. We are an accredited MTB exam centre, so you can sit the exams from your own home, anywhere in the world.
We also follow the syllabuses and cater for all major exam boards, including Con Brio, Trinity, RCM and RCL.

Try a sample singing lesson over Zoom or Skype


Together, we also make a great team for online homeschool music lessons!