Online Piano Lessons For Seniors – My Experience

Piano lessons later in life - Maddie

Maddie took piano lessons as a child. Fifty years later, she decided to try online piano lessons for seniors with us, taking lessons with Stephie in Athens, Greece. Maddie also travels extensively at sea, taking her piano lessons on board her yacht.

Thank you Maddie, for your insight of what it’s like to be taking piano lessons later in life, as a senior:


“I took ABRSM Grade 1 at age 11 and started learning again 50 years later, online with Music Lessons Anywhere. I passed Grade 2 with Distinction at age 61, followed by Grade 3 a year later.

There are differences learning later in life, but they are not necessarily drawbacks.

As an adult I am more self-critical and feel I don’t learn quite as quickly as I did as a child. By contrast however, I am more sensitive to the music itself, and have been taught to listen to my playing and as a result play better than I ever did as a child. The other huge difference for me is the availability of on-line resources which didn’t exist when I started in the 1960’s.

I am fortunate to have found a brilliant teacher in Stephie who understands me, and finds pieces to gently stretch my ability, but which also bring me absolute joy.”


Maddie playing on board her yacht


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