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Student & Teacher Showcase

Youtube Music Lessons Anywhere

A showcase of recordings from some of our students, who take online music lessons with us and recordings from some of our online music teachers.



Our Students’ Showcase

When students of our online music lessons send us recordings, if they wish, we publish them on our SoundCloud Channel and on our Youtube Channel. Then they can be heard and seen by the world!
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Audio recordings




Below is our Youtube Playlist of our students performing.
In the video pane, tap the menu top left to view the full playlist.

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Bea - Music Lessons Anywhere Skype piano lessons

Bea, Skype piano lessons student, playing her ABRSM Grade 7 Exam Piece, Spain

Autumn Song Competition

We staged a song writing competition on the theme of ‘Autumn’ open for all our students. All the entries for the competition are below, in alphabetical order with only the three winners at the top, in our SoundCloud page. Well done and thank you all of you who entered the competition! Congratulations to the winner, Ana Peyrallo! Runners up Bella came second and Leen, third placed.

Ana’s winning song, professionally produced by Music Lessons Anywhere online music teacher Bohdan Syroyid.



Our Teachers’ Showcase


Dan Bohdan Syroyid

Dan teaches online music lessons in piano, guitar, music theory, and online Sibelius and Cubase lessons.




Carol Hodge

Carol teaches Skype songwriting, singing and piano lessons.
Bandcamp logo Carol’s Bandcamp page





Stephie Kouloris

Stephie teaches Skype advanced piano lessons.
Here are some clips of Stephie playing piano, performing Soave Sia il vento (top) Offenbach (middle) and Thais (bottom) in Athens, Greece:




Some of our students’ SoundCloud Channels

Chris Cavalari

Chris Cavalari is a composer from New York, USA. He took online Sibelius notation lessons with Music Lessons Anywhere online music teacher, Dan.




Michael Raillard

Michael Raillard took intensive music dictation classes with Music Lessons Anywhere online music teacher, Dan. This was for part of Michael’s ‘Fellowship of the American Organ Guild‘ written exam. We’re pleased to say that Michael passed the exam.




Student Of The Month

Started in September 2016, each month we award a student who has excelled in any way, an electronic certificate called ‘Student Of The Month’. Congratulations to the winners!

Doris Hasson online music lessons student of the month May 2017   May 2017: Doris, Spain


Nicole Silva online music lessons student of the month September 2016   September 2016: Nicole, Saudi Arabia
Thrisha - Online piano lessons student of the month   October 2016: Thrisha, USA
Maya - Online piano lessons student of the month   November 2016: Maya, Spain
Erin - Online piano lessons student of the month   December 2016: Erin, Saudi Arabia
Skype online music lessons Leen, student of the month   January 2017: Leen, Spain
Sue - Music Lessons Anywhere online Skype piano student of the month February 2017   February 2017: Sue, USA
Keana Raile - Music Lessons Anywhere student of the month - March 2017   March 2017: Keana, USA
Skype clarinet student Sophia, Music Lessons Anywhere Student of the Month for April 2017   April 2017: Sophia, India