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Tracy Rose Skype Piano Lessons and Music Lessons Online
“Tracy (pictured) is a fun, warming, patient, understanding and excellent teacher. I would recommend her and Music Lessons Anywhere to anyone, anywhere – so come on have a go!”
Rachel Kirkham, England
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Below are the are many reviews people have emailed in over the years, since we started in 2013.
Most recent first:


A review of our live online ‘Adult Theory Workshop’. One of many free online workshops.
“I read an article some time ago written by a professional musician who said if he were to go back in time and learn all over again, what he would do differently to help aid his progress.  At the top of the list was: ‘Do more Theory’.  So I did, and joined Tracy’s free Adult theory workshop.  
Tracy incorporates exercises at different levels to match those of her participants. So as well as learning my own grade I have had a head start on grades to come in the future and invaluable revision of previous grades as well.
The class is always lively and enjoyable and it’s great getting to know the other students.
Tracy has an endless ‘box of tricks’ to simplify difficult concepts and to help us remember vital information all of which contribute to the end goal of learning to play. And if you want to work through a sample theory paper between workshops, Tracy will mark them for you too!
Thank you so much Tracy.”

Maddie Smith – England

A review of our live online ‘Form & Analysis Workshop’. One of many free online workshops.
“I can now follow the score, and pick up again if I lose my place, recognise repetitive patterns, the instruments and texture of the music and understand the story behind the piece.
This Workshop has taken my understanding of my pieces to a new level.
I have moved from someone who is ‘taking piano lessons’ to someone receiving a rounded music education which I enjoy enormously.”

Maddie Smith – England

A review of our live online Fast Track Grade 5 Theory Lessons.
“Thank you for your brilliant teaching and getting the boys up to this level so quickly [both Grade 5 Distinctions]. It’s great to have got the theory exam out of the way. They can now take their Grade 6 brass exams!”
LW, London, England

A review of our live online Kids Fun Theory Club, one of our many free live online Workshops
Kids Fun Club live online Workshop review
“Thank you for the workshop today! Leon had a great time! He is very competitive, sociable and loves the games, so it was just perfect :)”
Mai Van Haven – Australia
“Jason’s piano teacher provides very constructive and helpful feedback together with homework, which is very helpful and in line with areas that he needs to improve. We have seen how his confidence in sight reading has grown, to the point that he does not shy away from trying to read and play new piano pieces. Thank you!”
Chilanga Asmani – Burkino Faso

A review of our live online global Orchestra Workshop, one of our many free live online Workshops
Review live online orchestra meeting - Music Lessons Anywhere
“I had so much fun and what a fantastic idea! It was so wonderful to connect with new people. I never thought that this was possible! My goal has always been to play violin in an orchestra and today you made that come true! It has kept me smiling all day! You guys are amazing!!”
Liz Bonds – England

Kelsey in South Africa teaches violin lessons online, along with many other instruments and music technology.
Online violin lessons review
“I am a piano teacher and I have been trying to self teach violin as I couldn’t find a local teacher. Occasionally I have to do online lessons for my own students so I thought why not give this a try. My teacher Kelsey is amazing! Lessons flow like she was in the room. I have learnt more in the past month than I have in 3 years!”
Liz Bonds – England

Amariah in the USA is our Skype harp online teacher.
Skype harp lessons online - Music Lessons Anywhere
“Learning harp was always on my bucket list. Amariah is thorough and detailed, she will make sure you’re playing properly and know what you’re doing! She explains everything well, demonstrates on her harp, and get’s you making beautiful harp music in no time!”
Evyn, Japan

Kelsey in South Africa is one of our talented, live online multi instrumental teachers.
Skype violin lessons online review
“I had an excellent first lesson with Kelsey. She is perfect for me. I think I learned more in that lesson than I did in a year with my old teacher!”
Liz, England
On her first violin lesson with Kelsey

Stephie in Greece teaches piano live online.
Skype piano lessons live online review - Music Lessons Anywhere
“A really friendly online music school which will get you up to the next level of your music. As an adult learner, I had trouble finding a local teacher. I signed up here and it’s been all good – passed my piano exam with a Distinction!”
Tamara Petroff, England

Kelsey is an excellent violin teacher, she also has a very caring and gentle personality and is constantly encouraging. She has a teaching method that creates success and is passionate about music and teaching.
Lizzy Hogg, Thailand

Carol is an exceptionally skilled teacher that has the ability to captivate even a 3 year old child for an entire music lesson. She likely has at least 1000 different creative ideas of what to do!
Lizzy Hogg, Thailand

Razvan in Spain teaches viola live online.
Music Lessons Anywhere live online viola lessons review
“Mr Razvan is simply amazing. He always praises my kid for his effort and corrects his mistakes with supportive guidance. A great teacher and person! My son enjoys his lessons very much.”
Ann Lian, New York, USA

Katrina in England teaches piano live online, to Dongmei’s son in Saudi Arabia.
Skype piano lessons online review - Katrina at Music Lessons Anywhere
“Katrina is very encouraging and patient which is very important for kids like my son, who is sensitive and needs inspiration. With Katrina, my son will deepen his love of music and enjoy his playing.”
Dongmei Chen, Saudi Arabia

Lizzy in Thailand (who takes Skype violin lessons online with Kelsey in South Africa and Skype recorder lessons with Katrina in England), regularly attends our free live online music Workshops hosted by Tracy.
Live online music Workshop review - Music Lessons Anywhere
Your Workshops are amazing!
What’s really special are the Workshops. They create a sense that we belong to a music school, where students of all ages can participate. We all get something from them and learn from one another.
Lizzy Hogg, Thailand

Another great review from our online violin and recorder student, Lizzy!
Skype recorder lessons live online review - Music Lessons Anywhere
“Katrina’s recorder lessons are so exciting I could do it all night! So much fun! You should try it!”
Lizzy Hogg, Thailand

Megan (pic below) took live online Fast Track Grade 5 Theory Lessons with Tracy:
Skype theory lessons online student Megan - Music Lessons Anywhere
Just got my result from my music theory exam and I’ve PASSED! Tracy, you have been an amazing teacher to work with and I really enjoyed my time with you. The way that you taught me helped me believe that I could really do the ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exam, as previously I thought I’d have no hope.
Megan Wroe, England

Wow – Megan has passed her music theory exam! Tracy, your brilliant teaching approach had Megan relaxed, enthusiastic, laughing, enjoying & most importantly you helped Megan to believe in herself. With your help & Megan’s effort, she reached the summit of the mountain she had to climb and got her just rewards. Thank you so much!
Caroline Wroe (Megan’s Mum), England

Rudayna takes live online theory lessons with Tracy:
I’m very delighted to inform you that Rudayna passed her Grade 5 Theory Exam with a Distinction! We are so grateful for your effort and passion during last year with her.
Mona Eldighady, Saudi Arabia

Dana’s son takes live online singing lessons with Carol:
Skype singing lessons online review - Music Lessons Anywhere
The lessons are presented well, organized and are followed up with an email that includes a summary and resources to practice and a heads up for the next lesson. I recommend Music Lessons Anywhere!
Dana Wells, Bahrain

Haneen takes live online piano lessons and live online theory lessons with Stephie:
Skype piano lessons online review - Music Lessons Anywhere
I wasn’t sure if my technique could be properly assessed through a camera, but the weaknesses in my form can be pointed out and Stephie could offer advice that I haven’t gotten from any other teacher before!
Haneen Alashram, Dubai

Yuka takes live online singing lessons with Carol:
Skype singing lessons online review - Carol Hodge - Music-Lessons-Anywhere
Carol is an amazing teacher! After only 6 singing lessons, I can already sing two of my favourite songs!
Yuka Suzuki, England
My daughter had flute lessons for one year and it was great. Technology makes this super easy and convenient. The instructor is a professional and my daughter liked her. The end of lesson notes were emailed to us promptly after the lesson and it was nice to have extra items in there for my daughter to work towards. Payment is super easy too.
Carolynn Fischer, Tanzania, Africa
Amelia took live online music production and Cubase lessons:
The convenience of online classes to tweak my engineering mixing skills has been invaluable! My teacher’s knowledge of mixing has been great! I highly recommend Music Lessons Anywhere.
Amelia Kemp, USA
William takes live online guitar lessons with Carlos:
Live online guitar lessons review - Music Lessons Anywhere
Music Lesson Anywhere have hit on a brilliant concept; to learn an instrument in your own home, with talented teachers and at a time to suit you. My playing has come on leaps and bounds since I started with them and would highly recommend them. 
I really look forward to my weekly guitar lessons with Carlos, we alternate between electric and classical guitar so I can progress with both. He’s really friendly, very patient and makes the lessons fun and interesting. 

William Cavell, England
Megan took Fast Track Grade 5 Music Theory Lessons with Tracy:
Live online music theory lessons review - Megan - Tracy Rose - Music Lessons Anywhere
Lovely teacher, helping me to finally understand things and working through ABRSM Grade 3 up to Grade 5 Theory. 🙂
Megan Wroe, England
My piano playing was in a slump and felt like I wasn’t making progress. Then I came to Music Lessons Anywhere who pulled me out it. 
My teacher always has new fun tricks to help you excel with learning music. You will play a lot in your lessons and useful feedback is always provided complete with a variety of multi-colored markup screens. 
You might think that taking music lessons by Skype would not work well – but actually, it’s better than live lessons because you have to really pay close attention. Music Lessons Anywhere teachers have Skype lessons all figured out and they somehow have super psychic vision and hearing. Totally recommend Music Lessons Anywhere!

Sue Griffiths, San José, USA
Fay in Sweden, took Cubase (composition software) lessons with us:
Skype Cubase lessons online review - Dan - Music Lessons Anywhere
The teacher I had was fantastic! It was easy and quick to get a lesson. Will definitely use them in the future. Very professional.☺️☺️
Fay Kendal, Sweden
Mona and her daughter Rudayna are in Riyadh, KSA and take Skype theory lessons online with Tracy in England:
Skype theory lessons online with Tracy Rose - Music Lessons Anywhere
This is the first time for me and my daughter to try the online lessons, it’s a really helpful and successful experience especially when you have it with Tracy. She is really a fantastic, professional, well organized and creative teacher always brings fun to the lesson. She has developed a lovely relationship with my daughter, you couldn’t imagine how she is looking forward for each lesson.
Now, I have no doubt that my daughter is lucky to find such an amazing Music Lessons Anywhere.
I highly recommend this professional music school.
Thank you Tracy for all your hard work and support to my lovely daughter, you are the best teacher anyone could ever have.
You are a gifted teacher!

Mona El-Dighady, Riyadh, KSA
I started out with lessons about 18 months ago and have made progress which for my age 90 years I think is the best I can expect. My teacher Mix has been very patient. I have enjoyed learning and feel sure I shall continue to make further progress, Ive even surprised myself!
Eric Froude, Australia
Lizzy is in Thailand and takes Skype violin lessons online with Liz in England:
Liz Skype violin lessons online review
I have been taking violin and piano lessons with Liz for 7 months now and all I can say is that it only gets better. Liz makes music lessons so engaging and fun that if I didn’t have to work or do anything throughout the day I could just keep on going. It’s like music comes alive through her voice and style.
What I really appreciate about her is her personality and who she is. She has a great sense of humour and knows when is enough of one thing and to start something new. I feel at ease with her and she knows how to challenge in an encouraging and gentle way. What I also like about her is that she is teachable and open to what I want to learn and easily adapts to a student’s needs.
She is a super fun person and lessons are always so exciting. I know she doesn’t plan the excitement but the way she teaches keeps a student encouraged and engaged. Because of this, it makes me want to practice even more!
Thank you Liz for being an amazing teacher. You truly know how to make music fun!

Lizzy Hogg, Thailand
AJ is in New York, USA and takes Skype violin lessons online with Liz in England:
I have been taking violin lessons with Liz Bux for only a few months and already I have learned so much about my instrument, technique, and can even play a few pieces quite nicely thanks to her encouragement!
Liz is a wonderful teacher with a sweet and lighthearted demeanour. She learns your strengths and weaknesses quickly and uses them to challenge you at the perfect times, while always keeping lessons fun and refreshing! I look forward to our weekly lessons very much and would recommend her to anyone!

AJ Cepada, New York, USA
Ben and Eric in Texas, USA, take Skype piano lessons and violin lessons with Liz in England:
I just wanted to drop a quick note and say how pleased we are with Liz’s lessons. She is extremely organized, knowledgeable, and excellent with my (sometimes moody) kids!
Jen McCown (Ben and Eric’s mum), Texas, USA
Kanika is in Riyadh, KSA and takes Skype piano lessons online with Liz:
Initially Kanika was a little reluctant with the online classes as she had never done this before. Now her views are different. She enjoys her class and is learning well. She is happy with the fact that she is able to get the best classes without traveling out. She is now comfortable with her teacher. Thank you so much for starting these online classes due to which we can get best of classes anywhere.
Preeti Singh Deo (Kanika’s mum), Riyadh, KSA
Sunitha in Switzerland takes Skype violin lessons online with Liz:
Words are really short of how I feel while taking classes with Liz.
She is a great and an inspiring teacher. I wish all students get a teacher like her.
Although I have been learning violin and attending classes in person here (Zürich) since couple of years, I was enjoying playing but have never felt a strong determination to play my violin better and better each time.
Which, I do feel now after taking classes with Liz. I try to better my playing with each class and Liz inspires me to do that!
I never feel like missing my classes how much ever busy/hectic I am as a working mother.
Another thing which I like about is the feedback she sends immediately after the class. It’s so much in detail and shows true professionalism.
Thank you for setting up such a great Online Music School! I wish you and your whole team All The Very Best! May you continue to inspire and put music into every ones life.

Sunitha Basavaraju, Switzerland
Ohood in UAE takes Skype piano lessons online with Stephie:
I’m really happy that I honestly don’t know where to start ….. The convenience of having lessons right from my room is the best idea ever and I’m always so excited for my next lesson.
I love that my instructor Stephie is always asking and trying to be at my level of experience and capability she is taking my hand step by step in my piano learning journey with very clear guidance. I was trying to learn by myself using Youtube and other applications but I came to notice that expert interaction/feedback is a must to learn and to actually see progress.

Ohood AlHosani, UAE
Maggie takes Skype piano lessons online with Tracy:
Skype piano lessons online review
Tracy is an amazing teacher who is always looking for new ways to engage her students, nothing is too much trouble and she has developed a lovely relationship with my daughter.
Jo Woods, UK
Mike lives in Valencia, Spain and takes online singing lessons with Carol:
Skype singing lessons online review - Music Lessons Anywhere
Carol is an amazing teacher and I’ve learnt so much from her in a relatively short period of time. As a teacher I know how difficult it is to keep things interesting and motivating, Carol is able to do this effortlessly every lesson!
Mike Barton, Valencia, Spain
Lizzy from Thailand, takes violin lessons with Liz:
After a few minutes of my free trial lesson, I was already convinced I would like Liz to teach me violin and that she would be an excellent teacher.
My first lesson after that was amazing!
Liz’s personality is very easy to connect with and she is super encouraging. Her patience towards me made me feel comfortable with her.  When she corrects, she is kind and has a very gentle approach and still makes me feel I can play the violin. She is full of creativity and knows how to make the lesson, fun, and engaging.
It is very obvious she is teaching not just because of a “job” but because of her passion for music and the violin and desires to see her students succeed.
I was impressed as well, by the effort she puts in to my lesson, even making me videos to help me learn.
Many may be skeptical about online teaching, but when you have a teacher like this, you can learn way more than you can from “live” teachers.
If you liked the violin before, you will love it even more after Liz is done teaching you!

Lizzy Hogg, Thailand
John from Sweden, takes piano lessons with both Stephie (classical piano) and Dan (jazz piano):
Everything about Music Lessons Anywhere is more than just professional, it is simply great teaching that has progressed my piano playing. I can take both classical and jazz for half an hour each a week, and every time I am challenged to progress. The teachers are highly experienced and careful about encouraging and correcting. All in all, it is superb value and a very well run, professional school. I am lucky to have found them.
John Montgomery Rouse, Sweden
Catherine is one of Mix’s intermediate online piano students:
Great lessons, fantastic teacher and all very well run/organised. I would definitely recommend!
Catherine Stone, Scotland, UK
Nadia’s review of her Skype piano lessons online with Stephie:
Advanced online piano lessons review
Stephie Koulouris is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. She is flexible and responsive to my requests for different pieces of music and does not insist on sticking to the book. Stephie is always sensitive to my requests, asking about my needs and always offers to help. She believes in me and always encourages me to challenge myself. Thank you very much Stephie. 
Nadia Ashraf, Pennsylvania, USA
Betty’s review of her online Skype violin lessons with Dan:
Learning to play violin is my dream since childhood. However, just like other busy working adults, it is really difficult for me to travel to the music school to attend the lessons after work. Since I have been using Skype to learn several foreign languages for years, I started thinking that maybe I can learn how to play violin via Skype too.
One day when I found ‘Music Lessons Anywhere’ web site, I decided to give it a try. After the consultation session with Tracy, Dan is assigned as my violin teacher and I am so glad to start my learning journey with him. He is not only fun and supportive, but also very patient throughout the lesson. As a total beginner, I am so nervous in playing violin all the time and always make mistakes during the lesson. Dan is very helpful to solve all my problems and even gives me a lot of useful tips for practicing violin more efficiently. I really enjoy his lessons and I will definitely continue learning this beautiful sounding musical instrument under his guidance.
Thank you, Dan. You are the best! 🙂

Betty Lee, Hong Kong
Jewel’s review of her son Eli’s online piano lessons with Carol.
Eli has started digitally recording which Carol (a professional musician as well as an online music teacher) is helping with:
Just wanted to say thanks for encouraging Eli to follow his musical passions. He was sooo excited while waiting for his lesson to come on Wednesday. I walked by during the lesson and he grinned a huge grin and flashed me a thumb’s up. He is really loving working with you. He told me a couple of weeks ago, “It’s so great to have a professional musician for a teacher!” Thanks again for all that you are investing in my kids. I truly appreciate your work.
Jewel Alvis, Italy
Leah’s review of her online piano lessons with Stephie:
Online advanced piano lessons - Music Lessons Anywhere
I am myself a piano teacher, and as my own students progress to more advanced levels, I have looked for a teacher who can help me to develop my own technique and knowledge, as well as wanting to realise my potential as a performer, which has always been a difficulty for me.
So far my lessons with Stephie have been everything I hoped for. Her knowledge is extensive and she pays great attention to detail. She gives really useful and supportive feedback, and the practice notes after each lesson are great. I’m surprised at how well the lessons work via Skype, it really feels like a traditional lesson, and I’m really enjoying the experience.
I’m delighted to have found Music Lessons Anywhere, it fits into my schedule so easily and is very reasonably priced for the quality of the service.

Leah Murphey, Republic Of Ireland
Lasanthi’s review of her son Kevyn’s online piano lessons:
My son Kevyn, has been learning piano with Ms. Tracy from the beginning and within 2 years he finished Grade 3 and is now doing Grade 4 practical and theory.
I was confused as to how one could learn theory on Skype and worried. But Ms. Tracy is amazing. She taught him so well, that after the theory exam, my son was so confident and said the exam was pretty easy. I was worried until he got his results where he passed with a Distinction.  
I was both proud and happy, and immediately what came to my mind, is to write this small note of appreciation.  
Ms. Tracy explains in a way that my son understands easily. She also got him to do many past papers and practice. Sometimes he even does 2 papers a week and she takes the time to mark and correct, and send it back and discusses the corrections in the class. She even offers free workshops for theory classes which helps students to learn and quiz each other.  
I think Ms Tracy has mastered the art of “distant teaching” music through Skype.
Thank you Ms Tracy

Lasanthi Rosairo, Australia
Jon’s review of his online piano lessons:
I achieved Grade 3 Piano some 10 years ago and hadn’t played since. For many years I had regretted not continuing to play. I was lucky to have been given a piano for Christmas in 2015 and I started learning again with Carol at Music Lessons Anywhere.
With a busy lifestyle and full time job I didn’t expect to get back to a Grade 3 level so quickly, but I was wrong. I took my Grade 3 ABRSM exam in November 2016 and passed with flying colours! 
Carol has helped build up my confidence and sparked my long lost love for playing music. She is fun, knowledgable and an all round amazing teacher.
I am now working towards Grade 4 and I am confident in Carol’s ability to get me to a distinction level.

Jon Mayall, Spain
Tiffany’s review of her son, Riley’s online piano lessons:
Live online piano lessons review
Carol Hodge has been teaching my 9 year old son with a learning disability via Skype. My son is easily intimidated and overwhelmed but Carol has exceptionally kind and genteel mannerisms. She has a special approach where the students lead in their own learning. For my son this has made him more engaged, and enjoy piano more. She lets the students set the pace, and the type of music, which seems to get him involved on a more personal level. Also Carol does a wonderful job complimenting my son. I know he feels really good about himself and piano after every lesson with Carol.
Tiffany Hertel, USA
Doris’s review of her online advanced piano lessons:
Online advanced piano lessons - Music Lessons Anywhere
Stephie is an excellent, very experienced teacher who brings a positive attitude to every lesson. In a short time, she has quickly identified  my technical difficulties, and suggest practice methods to correct them. She builds a sense of confidence in a student and makes lessons challenging and fun!
Doris Hasson, Spain
Bernie’s review of her daughter Erin’s online flute lessons:
Music Lessons Anywhere Skype online flute lessons
I cannot thank Music Lessons Anywhere enough!
My daughter Erin is so lucky to have Kate as her flute teacher! We honestly feel like we have struck gold! Kate is extremely hard working, friendly, enthusiastic and the best teacher by far that we have ever had.
We are currently based in Saudi Arabia and the beauty of Music Lessons Anywhere is that when we move on to the next country Kate will be moving with us! Actually, if or when we move back to the UK we would still keep Kate!
There are so many benefits to this style of teaching. We love the detailed feedback emailed promptly after every lesson and Kate goes above and beyond with Youtube links, theory pages and of course a whole lot of encouragement. Also, from a busy Mum’s point of view with younger children in the house it is a godsend….one less car journey every week!
The lessons are extremely good value for money. Thanks to Kate and her fantastic style of teaching, fun choice of music and friendly approach, Erin doesn’t just pick up her flute to practice….she picks it up to play. So thank you both Kate and Tracy for making that possible! x

Bernadette, Saudi Arabia

Vrinda’s online piano lessons review:
The lesson notes (a lesson summary, emailed to every student after every lesson) are useful and they guide us, so we know what to practice for the next lesson. We learn new songs for different festivals, and its fun! The teachers are kind and helpful. 
Vrinda, Bahrain

Sue’s two sons’ online piano lessons review, online guitar lessons and online violin lessons reviews:
We have been using Music Lessons Anywhere for several months now. We have had the pleasure of 3 Music Lessons Anywhere teachers’ expertise. In my experience you don’t normally get all your teachers being totally amazing, but these 3 certainly are. All 3 teachers we have found to be absolutely superb.
My boys have 2 hours of lessons a week online, they both thoroughly enjoy them and cannot wait for each week to come around so they can ‘impress’ their teacher 😉 This is because each teacher has made it so fun and enjoyable that my children want to do well for themselves and the teacher.
We have used music teachers locally and I would certainly say that after my initial reservations of doing it online, have found these lessons to be far superior in every way. We really have had no problem doing it over Skype. They are great value for money and not having to drive anywhere is also a bonus.
My experience with Music Lessons Anywhere and their teachers, has been positive at the highest possible level.

Sue Button, UK

Daniel’s review of his first online accordion lesson:
Online accordion lesson Music Lessons Anywhere
…just had my first lesson with Stefan. —He was very adept at illuminating those esoteric aspects of the accordion that the large yet limited oeuvre of literature for this charming instrument leaves obscure.
I have so many questions about so many things that nobody seems to have answers for, but in moments, Stefan made clear finer points of the instrument that I have been left wondering on for years.
He provides the personal instruction that method books, internet forums, and video exhibitions could not.
Besides his own musical accomplishments and laurels from the highest echelons, he is a gracious gentleman. He is a true master, and it is certainly well within the realm of possibility that he could help you, dear student, become a master as well.


Daniel Lee Carlile
Oregon, USA


Megan’s review of a Sight Reading Workshop, one of many free online music lessons events:
The Sight Reading Workshop was extremely helpful and I learnt a lot from it. I definitely gained experience and confidence from the well taught sight reading lesson. I would recommend this to anyone with an exam coming up or anyone who just needs help.
Music Lessons Anywhere online violin student, Qatar

Chris Cavalari’s online Sibelius lessons review:
I’d been writing orchestral music for about a year with Ableton, so I bought Sibelius so I could work in notation. I couldn’t do much with it, even just entering notes and phrases was beyond me. I’d click to enter notes, but I couldn’t really write much at all, rests would appear out of nowhere, notes and rests would repeat themselves into the following measure.
I took 8 hours of lessons with Dan over about a month and a half on Saturday mornings. Now I can pretty much do anything with the program. He helped me set up a nicely engraved score, and save it as a palette to use for any new scores. I can write rapidly, I can copy and paste phrases or measures, either with one instrument or several. I can copy and paste dynamics and techniques such as crescendo and tremelo. I can use the mouse, number keypad, and midi keyboard controller to compose at will.
Dan taught me in so short a time not only the program, but many proper orchestral writing concepts such as registers of instruments, nuances of sounds, bowing and slurs, etc. Dan is endlessly enthusiastic and never wastes time; he answers lists of questions quickly and makes sure I know the answers. He also helps with composing ideas without stepping on creative toes. I couldn’t imagine a better teacher anywhere.

Chris Cavalari
New York, USA

Music Lessons Anywhere Soundcloud Hear some of Chris’s compositions on our Showcase page.

We were struggling to find flute lessons for our daughter in Angola, and then the music teacher at our international school told us about Music Lessons Anywhere and it’s been fantastic.
Our daughter really wanted to try the flute and I now have a chance to pursue the piano as well. Our teacher Kate at Music Lessons Anywhere, is a great teacher for both of us. She’s patient and kind, and both of us find ourselves improving and motivated to practice under her instruction.
A good teacher is a good teacher, online or in person!

Helen Maas



Skype Online Piano Lessons Review by online piano student Beatriz
 I started taking piano lessons with Tracy at school when I was just 7 years old. When Tracy began to offer piano lessons online via Skype I decided to give it a try and I loved it. I find it much more comfortable this way as I don’t have to travel anywhere and I also have more choice in deciding when to take my lessons.
Lesson notes (emailed to every student after every lesson) are really useful to help keep track of progress and very helpful when practising:

Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons online notes example Click image for larger view
Most importantly, Tracy always makes lessons fun and enjoyable. 10 years on, I am now 17 years old and really excited to take my Grade 7 exam this November!
Málaga, Spain



My daughter Nicole and my son Scott have been taking online piano lesson with Tracy’s Music Lessons Anywhere for about 6 months now and they love their classes.
Their instructor, Mix is a great teacher, she is very patient with my kids and they are learning to play the piano very fast.
I would highly recommend Music Lessons Anywhere to anyone looking for online piano lessons.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia



So far I’ve only had a few lessons with Music Lessons Anywhere online singing teacher Carol, but she’s already revolutionized the way I think about singing and improving at it.
She does physical and vocal warmups with me that make my body and voice feel to come to life. Instead of the strain of sitting down (I usually sing whilst sitting, at the piano or with my accordion) cold and croaking out a number, I now muse over the physicality and psychology of my viva voce instrument; she made me visualize my mouth as a cathedral and imagine my diaphragm as a balloon, which are only a couple of myriad almost philosophical ideas about singing she has that have begun to metamorphose my understanding of the physical, psychological, and even spiritual aspects of creating music with voice.


I feel I’ve already expanded my range, smoothed out the spots in the middle where I used to crack, and become more powerful and expressional in portraying the character singing the song.
Deeply, thank you Carol.

Music Lessons Anywhere Daniel singing lessons online
Daniel Carlile
Durango, USA



Music Lessons Anywhere online music teacher Dan was my tutor in musical dictation. I was studying for an organ certification exam.  He is an excellent tutor.  
For each session he gave me two dictations very similar to the exam. He was very strict about following the specifications in terms of timings, etc. This was all that I expected, but he did much more. He was interested in where I was having problems and had many suggestions about improving my performance. In the few weeks I worked with him, my ability to take these dictations did improve.  
I would highly recommend Music Lessons Anywhere teacher Dan for music lessons in piano, music theory, and composition. He is a very knowledgable, talented, and fluent musician – and an excellent instructor. 

Michael Raillard - Music Lessons Anywhere highest level student
Michael Raillard A.A.G.O. (hopefully soon to be F.A.G.O.)*
* Update: Michael passed his Fellowship exam. Congratulations Michael!
Amarillo, USA



I’m the mother of two students of Tracy. I personally like the lessons, because of the teacher, mostly. According to my sons, Tracy is the type of person who compliments on your hard work. This makes you want to work harder, and sound better than you already do. She also is very friendly. She encourages friendly sibling rivalry, as shown by the behaviour of my sons to each other.
The lessons are very easy to follow, and I would certainly recommend them to anyone who would want to learn how to play the piano. 

San Jose, USA



Skype piano lessons live online review - Goksu student Music Lessons Anywhere

My daughter is 8 years old. When we decided to get piano lessons online for my daughter, we were not sure if it would work. It is not common here in our country (Turkey). We just thought we never know without trying and started with no expectations.
But even from the first free trial lesson, my daughter enjoyed it so much she wanted to keep learning piano online. 
We never imagined that she would enjoy it so much. Moreover, no time is lost in traffic, especially if you live in a big city, like us, with 15 million people! No need to carry materials with you, they are always there just by the piano and the teacher is always by you, just there on the screen. It’s so easy, amazingly efficient and enjoyable, the piano lessons my daughter has been experiencing. 
She receives lesson notes regularly, experiences well planned lessons and plays fun games to support her theory knowledge.
Thank you very much Tracy, thank you very much Music Lessons Anywhere.

Istanbul, Turkey



I’ve been the proud owner of an acoustic Fender guitar for a couple of years and, to my shame, I’ve never learned to play it. It sat unloved in the corner of a room most of the time, strummed occasionally by friends, and by me in a once in a blue moon burst of enthusiasm.
My problem was fear, or maybe embarrassment. I’d never had a proper music lesson in my life and thought that I was too old to start. I tried the odd YouTube tutorial, but soon gave up when I found I had forgotten where the chords were since the last time.
But when I was persuaded to try an online guitar lesson with Nat Harmer, Music Lessons Anywhere’s online guitar teacher, my excuses ran out.
Two lessons in, I have learned that my relative ineptitude is nothing to be ashamed of, that Nat’s laid-back and fun teaching style quickly banishes nerves, that my skill level can only get better, the three basic A, D and E chords, and that learning to play with a metal-stringed guitar can be painful. I never imagined I would be looking forward to developing calluses on my fingertips.
Nat’s lesson notes are all the encouragement an anxious novice needs to keep practicing between lessons and to be convinced that progress really is being made. Just seeing in writing that he understands how overwhelming learning theory and technique can be at first is, but that it will become second nature in due course, is incredibly reassuring when any doubt sets in.

Jennie Walsh
London (UK) and Spain




Music Lessons Anywhere guitar lessons live online

I recently started taking online guitar lessons with Nat at Music Lessons Anywhere, over Skype. I was a complete beginner so we started with the basics, tuning and posture, and quickly moved on to chords and some fun scales, extra techniques and arrangements to try out. I found Nat’s instructions super clear. After each lesson, the feedback email and lesson summaries have been easy to read and with extra simple exercises to add fun to my practising between lessons.
Last year I had piano lessons with Tracy (founder of Music Lessons Anywhere). I learnt then how having regular lessons really keeps you on track with weekly practise.
Before playing either piano or guitar I was under the false belief that it would be very difficult to learn an instrument, as I had not been very musical in my youth. So if you have ever wanted to play guitar or piano from the comfort of your home then I would personally recommend Nat’s online guitar lessons and Tracy’s online piano lessons at Music Lessons Anywhere.




Tongue-twisting fun aims for pitch perfect singing

Singing lessons for Alex was the logical next step after she had so enjoyed her song writing and music composition work with Music Lessons Anywhere’s teachers. She was keen that the vocal delivery of her songs did justice to the lyrics, so when Carol Hodge joined the Music Lessons Anywhere team, we signed up to weekly Skype sessions. It only took a couple of sessions for Alex to start singing with greater confidence and to get the hang of singing from her diaphragm. Carol’s tongue twister challenge was great fun – a proper cuppa coffee from a proper copper coffee pot – and had us all having a go, but it demonstrated the importance of exaggerating the mouth shape when singing. Alex can’t wait to cover some of the songs of her favourite singers and bands, as well as to work with Carol on more of her own compositions.

Jennie Walsh
London (UK) and Spain



On viewing the Music Lessons Anywhere video of her daughter Alex’s online singing lesson with Carol Hodge, our online singing teacher, Alex’s mum, Jennie emailed us to say, “It made me cry! Or at least her praise for Alex did. What a wonderful teacher.”

London (UK) and Spain



Miss Tracy did the impossible….she got me to like the piano.


Music Lessons Anywhere student Christine review online piano lessons
New York, USA



For a long time I wanted to take music lessons so I could discover new things on my keyboard, unfortunately everywhere I looked couldn’t provide me with everything I wanted to learn. I was more interested in learning the basic piano pieces then going on board with songwriting and having my own music to my songs. I found out about Ms Rose because my grandparents live in Spain and had seen a poster about Ms Rose’s piano lessons on a shop window and wanted to tell me about it.

I tried it out with a free try out lesson and it was really fun!

It wasn’t too complicated and I thoroughly enjoyed it, which lead me to taking the lessons. It really inspired me (it still does!) with learning an instrument, even though I’m in England and Rose is in Spain everything is pretty much exactly the same as taking lessons sitting right beside her. The connection is very good and using Skype is really easy to use for a good video call.


Music Lessons Anywhere student Bella review online piano lessons
Bella aged 12,



Dan Louzonis is a Homeschool Dad. He speaks about his piano teacher (me) in one of his radio shows. Here’s a clip:

Dan Louzonis, MusicLessonsAnywhere piano lessons online review

Dan Louzonis
New York, USA and London, UK

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Tracy Rose encourages me to write my own music; before, I couldn’t find the discipline to because I was so afraid I wasn’t any good at it. But she motivates me to do it anyway, and I think I may just be getting better at it, from the practice she gave to me, like a gift.

Also, she wants me to be a well-rounded musician and she teaches me a wide variety of musical skills, all of which I’m noticing begin to complement and reinforce each other.

She has a very astute ear, and often notices things before I even have to explain them. And the lesson notes help me organize my practice and reach short-term goals, so that hopefully someday I can reach my long-term goals.

Tracy Rose is my music teacher. Although she is an ocean and a continent away, she is very close to my heart.


Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons live online - Daniel - review


Daniel Carlile
Durango, Colorado, USA



Ms Rose manages to combine professional excellence with fun and laughter. She possesses rare pedagogical talent – every lesson is an inspiration. The lesson notes arrive just hours after the class and thus the student is encouraged to progress throughout the following week. Musical development is structured coherently and embraces all aspects of study such as scales and technical exercises, actual pieces, theory and aural. The student is also encouraged to explore improvisation and composition.

Highly recommended.

Loiret, France



I have been taking lessons from Tracy for just a few weeks after trying unsuccessfully to find a teacher locally. Initially I was very sceptical about how successful piano lessons via Skype would be, I shouldn’t have worried, I continue to be amazed at just how well it works.

I have found Tracy to be a very enthusiastic and encouraging teacher with seemingly endless resources at her fingertips. I like the fact that I get lesson notes following each lesson reinforcing what went well and where more work is needed. Tracy has a quiet confidence and calm that I find reassuring as I get anxious playing in front of people.

Thank you Tracy, I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t be able to find another piano teacher.

Calpe, Spain



I love classical music and I’ve had melodies swirling around my head for as long as I remember. But because of a busy life, I’ve never learned an instrument. I even bought a fairly good piano and tinkered around on it. But mostly it was just standing around for years till I said, enough, either sell it or settle down and learn to play it.

That’s when I met Tracy. And what a delight!

With the greatest tolerance and insight, she has guided and accompanied my attempts of teasing acceptable sound out of this instrument. Then I learned that she also teaches composition.

Most unconventionally, she was ready to offer me the first lessons of harmony right away, even though my playing skill is still in its infancy. I’m thrilled.

I just wrote my first little composition, played it on the computer, and it isn’t all that bad. More will be coming soon!

Finally, Tracy also does a lot to bring us together as a musical family. With unbounded energy, she organizes international meetings by Internet where we all send in videos of our pieces. What a music teacher, absolutely first class!


Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons live online - Eric - review


Switzerland and Barcelona, Spain



Alex Usher’s review of MusicLessonsAnywhere Summer School 2015

Music Lessons Anywhere’s summer music composition camp was the most inspirational holiday activity I have been on. It was jam-packed with laughter, learning and excitement.

When I decided I wanted to take part I was a little nervous. Most of the other girls involved knew each other from their school. I was worried that I would feel left out. But that was far from the case. I really felt part of the team, as we pulled together to compose some really awesome songs.

Mornings were the busiest time of the week. We often went to workshops with professional musicians living in the area. These included percussion, singing and even how to digitalise music.

During early evening song composing sessions we were buzzing with ideas, which came together like parts of a jigsaw puzzle. 

But of course there was time to relax and chill too. This often involved splashing in the deep, indigo swimming pool or playing cards in the airy courtyard. There was lots of yummy food too, and a chance to make our own pizzas. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor of the communal bedroom was a challenge for some of my colleagues, but not for me as I am a heavy sleeper.

The week was hard work, as well as fun, and I learned a lot.  To think, by the end of the week and at the age of 11, I was practising and performing with a real, live band, is absolutely astounding.

Alex Usher at MusicLessonsAnywhere Summer School 2015

Alex Usher (now aged 12)



Ms. Tracy is, by far, the best teacher we’ve used.
Her professionalism and expertise are light years ahead of what we had experienced before – and we were quite happy with the others at the time.  But, again, she’s so clearly teaching at another level and it really shows not only in our kids’ progress, but also in how enthusiastic they are for their lessons.
They REALLY do love her.

Dan Louzonis, MusicLessonsAnywhere piano lessons online review

Dan Louzonis
New York, USA and London, UK

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I operate a small piano studio in the United States. I began searching for a piano teacher for two reasons, my own personal growth (even as an adult- learning never stops!) and teaching support for my advancing student needs. Locating a teacher within reasonable driving distance and my time restrictions was becoming hopeless.
I began searching online for web options and located Tracy’s studio. I was skeptical that a Skype connection would be effective both in one to one interaction and the audio/image quality. I was delightfully surprised when it surpassed my expectations.
Tracy is sensitive to a student’s learning style and goals. Her weekly lesson plans are filled with encouragement and resources to assist the student through their music curriculum. I especially enjoy when she shares from her skilled and extensive background. I have learned so much in the few months I have taken lessons. She has also introduced me to the ABRSM exams and I hope to incorporate this program into my studio. The lessons are educational, economical and fun! Tracy is an excellent, caring teacher and I have enjoyed the lessons immensely.

Florida, USA


We live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and with greatest difficulty we managed to find a piano teacher for our son, Kevyn, but she left about two years ago. I looked for another piano teacher in Riyadh.  Since I couldn’t find any I started surfing the net and found this amazing teacher, Ms. Tracy Rose and was also introduced to the Skype lessons concept.  Although this was new to me, we tried it and we are extremely happy with Ms Tracy’s teaching and her commitment. She brings in all her experience to teach and motivate her students. 

I was also very keen on my son taking an internationally valid music exam.  Ms. Tracy helped us to register for an exam in Saudi and that made me so happy. With Ms. Tracy my son has already taken his first exam and passed with a Merit.  She also provided free extra classes for him before exams. She always praises him throughout the lesson when he plays and that motivates him to do better. She even goes out of the way to help us regarding lessons and information. She is an amazing teacher and I can recommend to anyone without any fear.

Ms. Tracy, thank you!

Lasanthi Rosario
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


The time we relocated to India from US we were in search of a piano teacher and I should definitely say that my son Vishan is so fortunate to get Tracy as his teacher. She is such a dedicated and wonderful teacher. Only because of her, Vishan is so interested in piano and he loves her classes. She spends more time during exams and her interest in teaching the kids is amazing! Now my son is preparing for his RSM level 4 exam. Thank you very much Tracy!

Valsala Shankar
Kodaikanal, India


Tracy is a gifted teacher.  Always enthusiastic and patient, her cheerful attitude rubs off on my children and they learn quickly.  Her technical skills are outstanding and teaching via Skype seems to be more effective than in person, and its so much easier and more convenient.  She is prompt and creative in creating lessons and in challenging her students.  Did I mention that the cost is very reasonable. Both my 11 year old and 8 year old have tripled their skills in only 6 months. We plan to keep working with Ms tracy as long as she is available!  Highly recommended – If you try her lessons, you wont be disappointed!

Charles T Heberle IV
Guam, USA


Hi, my name is Naomi and I am 8 years old and I live in Chile.  I really like Miss Tracy because she teaches me a lot about piano and it is very fun to learn.  I like the games she plays with me to help me learn the notes.  She sends me links of her playing a song and I can play along with her whenever I want.  I like her sweet voice too.  All of these things makes piano lessons fun!

Naomi Templeton
Santiago, Chile


On the 8th birthday of our daughter Fatema, we (the parents) were thinking what would be the best gift, considering loneliness of our daughter, being the only child and living in Saudi Arabia as an expatriate. We, therefore, gifted her with a piano, not realising that playing piano is a skill and requires formal training.

Initially, we searched for a piano teacher in Saudi Arabia which ended in vain. Then while net-surfing we found Ms. Tracy Rose as an Online Piano Teacher. We didn’t know how Ms. Rose would train our daughter considering the fact that teaching piano is not like teaching like Mathematics, Chemistry or Physics etc. but requires drill on third object ie. a piano.

From the very first class, which was free of charge, Ms. Rose ruled out all our reservations, instead poured in satisfaction!

Ms. Rose makes herself accountable with a daily lesson summary explaining how the student has done and what is expected. She possesses soft heart, adaptable skills and caring attitude, that keeps our daughter captivated not only during lesson time but also during the whole week (Fatema takes one lesson per week).

We, the parents of Fatema, are thankful to Ms. Tracy Rose for helping to fulfill our responsibilities.

Sukaina & Mustafa H. Lakhani
Saudi Arabia


I came to know Tracy Rose while searching for piano teachers within Saudi Arabia. Initially, I was sceptical about remote lessons. However, I tried a free session, after which I was convinced of their feasibility.

Skype lessons offer a number of advantages including convenience and flexibility of setup, time savings….etc. And, believe it or not, it relieves (me at least) from the horror of making mistakes while my teacher is right beside me.

Tracy is a very capable and organized teacher and I have found her lessons to be beneficial and exciting. She never misses an opportunity to commend her students’ progress and achievements. On the other hand, she points out mistakes in a gentle and objective manner. This is extremely important, since piano students and music lovers can be sensitive persons who can react negatively to criticism which affects their enthusiasm and progress.

Apart from the lessons themselves, Tracy has been helpful in sourcing various music notes, tutorial documents and the like.

Without disregard to the student’s level and the level of the piece itself, Tracy never dictates what is to be practiced, but leaves it open for the student to propose what he or she likes best. Alternatively, she would offer the choice to select from several compositions.

Nadeem W. Khoury
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


First of all I want to thank you so much for all your great efforts with me in all piano lessons that you have given to me. I played what I learnt for my wife and she liked it… and I’m still practising when I have time, on the Titanic piece to make it note perfect.

Unfortunately I will not be able to take more lessons as I am busy with some postgraduate activity in medical art and plastic surgery.

Thank you again for everything.

I learnt from you great piano skills and I also benefitted from your great skills in teaching and professional skills in motivation and how to let your student believe in themself. You are a great piano musician and professional teacher that knows how to deliver the information in an amazing way and how to follow up with their student too.

I wish you every success in your life and all the best for you and your family and if I have a chance in the future to come to Spain, I will come to visit you for sure.

Belal Kamel
M.B.B.CH , MSc in Plastic Surgery
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about Skype online lessons. But, Miss Tracy was beyond the expected. An enthusiastic teacher who really deeply cares about her students and their development no matter where they lived!
She taught me a lot in such a short period of time.
Thank you.

Rowaida Alerwi
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


When Tracy suggested that we take piano classes using Skype I thought it a practical and effective idea. Maria loves her classes with Tracy because, aside from learning, she has a good time due to the way the classes are brilliantly organized. Tracy is a well qualified teacher and has a great capacity to inspire and motivate her pupils.

Music Lessons Anywhere online piano student Maria with pianist Lang Lang

Maria with concert pianist Lang Lang

Inma Olea
Málaga, Spain


Tracy is a superb teacher, both professionally and personally and she is really gifted connecting with kids. My three children aged 11, 9 and 7 love her fantastic way of teaching piano, having fun and enjoying music at the same time. They are currently preparing for Grade 5 and Grade 1 ABRSM exams and are always looking forward to the next lesson with her. I am really satisfied with their continuous progress.


After each lesson Tracy sends you a very useful report with lesson notes including how they have performed, which aspects they have to work on and ideas to continue improving their musical skills, such as web links or new tips for composing.


Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons online lesson notes


Thank you for teaching my children to love music. A big hug, love,

Elsa Varona Pérez
Málaga, Spain


Samuel must be your first student on a boat, using an internet connection tethered through an iPhone to the laptop!!! He absolutely loved it, and learnt so much in one short lesson. I was amazed at how well it worked and how easy it was to set up, no rushing around trying to get to a lesson on time, brilliant, he’s really looking forward to the next one, thanks Tracy xx

Richard Foster
Manchester, England


Tracy is a savior to me! I’m even more committed to my love and passion in music specially piano. She is a lovely person and a great teacher!
I am a working mom, so having classes through Skype is perfect for me. I started with zero knowledge about music and now I’m playing music pieces!
Thank you Tracy

Soha al Behairi
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Tracy is an outstanding teacher. There are many reasons for her extraordinary quality. Above all, Tracy loves making music and her enthusiasm is infectious. Her lessons are practical and varied in approach, but at the same time she teaches the theory in a structured and effective way. The students are highly motivated and participate fully in the activities.

Click here for the endorsement in full


James Shallcross, MBE
General Director, St George’s School Group, Spain


My three girls are learning to play piano with Tracy and I’m really happy with their progress. She encourages them with her entusiastic and fun way of teaching. It’s amazing how she connects with each of them and they love the lessons! Skype lessons also help us to continue practising wherever we are and the girls really concentrate as if Tracy was actually here.

Cristina Neira Faba


Tracy has been teaching piano to my daughters Brooke & Thalia for 4 years, they are currently taking their ABRSM grades 5 & 2. Each lesson is filled with enthusiasm and fun, the girls often continue to play after the lesson has finished and feel confident enough to sit at the piano and try and play a variety of music they’ve heard elsewhere. Progress is unbelievable thanks to such a great teaching technique.

Avni Nicholls


Rosie was my piano teacher when I was 14, and she is to this day the only music teacher that inspired me to practice outside of lessons. She was always coming up with pieces I might like and ways to make me think differently about music. I remember trying jazz improvisation one lesson and playing ‘Let It Be’ the next. She successfully coached me through Grade 5 whilst maintaining my interest in music, not just the title of a Grade. I would thoroughly recommend her as a music teacher.

Kirsty Wynn


My girls have taken piano lessons for one year with Tracy, and they love it and although they love playing on the piano I think its their teacher who strengthened this relation. Tracy has such a wonderful way of directing the talent and creativity of her students to a fine sense and good taste of music at the same time, they are never bored and just can’t wait for the coming lesson.


We have changed to Skype lessons and at the beginning I was not confident that this would work as well as having the lesson in person with her but I was amazed with the results, the girls started to focus more on listening and  distinguishing the notes and concentrating on the music. I am so happy it’s more easy  for me to have the lessons at home and more economical also. And if you are somebody like me who has to travel aboard you can still continue to have your lessons anywhere.

Mona Elyakoubi