Jazz Club –
Online Jazz Lessons over Zoom

Learn all about jazz and how to play it!


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Jazz Club group jazz and improvisation lessons.

Suitable for all ages and instruments, at any level.
Jazz Club provides a safe place to explore improvisation and jazz music.
Listening to the greatest jazz musicians together, we learn from them.
Learn how to play jazz music and improvisation.
Enjoy expanding music skills with others in a group setting.
Build a repertoire of jazz songs.
Play your songs or improvise, with anyone or with any backing track.

If you have always wanted to know about jazz, improvisation and how to play music and don’t know where to start, our Jazz Club is the place to start!
Jazz Club is great for supplementing regular instrumental lessons!
Jazz Club jazz lessons are led by our super talented and experienced online clarinet, saxophone and recorder teacher, Thomas.

“Lessons with Thomas have been so easy and positive from day one. Thomas is really professional and makes me feel relaxed in the learning situation. Highly recommend!”Rita Kaisen, England




Our Jazz Club jazz lessons prices

The online Jazz Club jazz group lessons are held over eight 45 minute weekly sessions.
The cost is £99 (approx. US$121, €114, 451 SRI) for eight sessions.


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