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December 13th, 2017
Announcing Stephie’s 3rd Online Performance Practise Workshop.
Free for all of our students!
Online Performance Practise Workshops for Skype piano lessons students
Saturday, December 16th at 9.30am GMT/UTC
Sunday, December 17th at 4pm GMT/UTC
Meet fellow students from all over the world and play what you’re currently working on!
See our events page to book a place and join in.


December 4th, 2017
Congratulations Lucy!
Music Lessons Anywhere ‘Student of the Month’!
Lucy - Skype violin lessons student of the month
Thank you Bernie for the wonderful pic. Lucy in Saudi Arabia, takes Skype violin lessons online with Liz (on screen) in the UK. Congratulations again Lucy!
See past Students Of The Month on our Showcase page.


November 24th, 2017
As promised, many more Skype piano lessons reviews and other reviews have been added to our Reviews Page here!
“Thank you so much for starting these online classes due to which we can get best of classes anywhere.”Preeti Singh Deo, Riyadh, KSA 
Thank you everyone for sending in your online music lessons reviews!


November 20th, 2017
Skype piano lessons online review
We’ve received many new reviews of our Skype piano lessons and other online music lessons!
Thank you everyone who has sent in their online music lessons reviews. I will be posting them in the Reviews page here over the next few days.


November 5th, 2017
Thank you Ayesha for your review of Sulaiman’s Skype piano lessons online!
There are many more reviews here and on our Facebook page.


November 1st, 2017
Congratulations Eric, our online music lessons Student Of The Month for October!
Online piano student of the month October 2017
Eric is in Australia and takes online piano lessons with Mix in Spain. Previous winners can be seen on our Showcase page here.


October 27th, 2017
The times they are a changing!
Music Lessons Anywhere daylight saving time change
A reminder that in some countries. Daylight Saving Time changes happen on Saturday night. In other countries, on a different day, others make no changes. Music Lessons Anywhere online music students: Your teachers should have contacted you to adjust your lesson time if this has caused a clash in the timetable. If in doubt, please email your teacher!.


October 25th, 2017
Two new free online music Workshops added!
Our online advanced piano teacher Stephie has kindly organised and is hosting two more Performance Practise Workshops on Saturday and Sunday, 28th and 29th October. These focus on performance for intermediate to advanced students. See full list of our free online music Workshops here.


October 21st, 2017
Thank you Mike, for your review of your Skype singing lessons online!
Skype singing lessons online review - Music Lessons Anywhere
Mike takes online singing lessons and online vocal training lessons with our Skype singing teacher, Carol Hodge. Thank you for the great endorsement Mike! Read many more online music lessons reviews here.


October 19th, 2017
More Student Showcase Updates!

Carla lives in Guam an takes Skype piano lessons online with Tracy. Many more students and teachers videos and Soundcloud recordings are on our Showcase page.


October 7th, 2017
Watch our talented online singing student Jayden’s new video!

Jayden takes online singing lessons with Carol. Watch and listen to more of our students and teachers on the Showcase page here.

Elizabeth is our online music lessons Student Of The Month for September!
Online piano student of the month
Elizabeth lives in South West Australia and takes online advanced piano lessons with Stephie in Greece. Congratulations Elizabeth! You can see our previous winners on our Showcase page here.


September 26th, 2017
Skype Trumpet Lessons Online!
Tom Crewe - Skype trumpet lessons online
Welcome Tommy Crew, our new online trumpet teacher. Read Tommy’s biography here and try out a free lesson!


September 21st, 2017
New Free Workshops!
Free online music workshops
We’re pleased to announce a range of 23 different online music Workshops, some for beginners, some for intermediate and some for our advanced students, for September to December. All Workshops are free for regular Music Lessons Anywhere students!


September 3rd, 2017
Vishan in India, is our online music lessons Student Of The Month!
Vishan Shankar online music lessons student of the month August 2017
Congratulations Vishan! Vishan is one of our longest standing online music students, starting his Skype piano lessons with Tracy early in 2014. We have over 100 students at any one time, taking a wide range of online music lessons with our talented teachers, so it’s always a difficult task to nominate just one as Student Of The Month! You can see our previous winners on our Showcase page here.


August 31st, 2017
Lizzy reviews her Skype violin lessons online
Skype violin lesson online review
You can read Lizzy’s review in full here. Thank you for your wonderful review Lizzy!


August 30th, 2017
Student Showcase update

Our online flute teacher Kate met one of her students Erin, face to face for the first time, in Scotland. Erin takes flute lessons with Kate via Skype from where she lives in Saudi Arabia, she’s been taking lessons for almost one year. Erin is making terrific progress!


July 31st, 2017
Congratulations Tom! Online Music Student of the Month!
Skype guitar lessons online Student of the Month
Tom was nominated and won this month’s Music Lessons Anywhere Student of the Month for his consistent hard work and huge improvement shown every week. Tom takes Skype guitar lessons online with our wonderful teacher, David MacGregor.


July 28th, 2017
Welcome Razvan, our new online viola teacher!
Skype viola lesson live online
As well a professional teacher, Razvan is a professional orchestral viola player. He has played in many orchestras across Europe. Read Razvan’s biography in full here.
Book a free Skype viola lesson online here!


July 19th, 2017
Thank you John for your review of your online piano lessons with Dan and Stephie!
Everything about Music Lessons Anywhere is more than just professional, it is simply great teaching that has progressed my piano playing. I can take both classical (Stephie) and jazz (Dan) for half an hour each a week, and every time I am challenged to progress.
Read more of John’s review and may more in our Reviews Page here.


July 6th, 2017
Congratulations Victoria, our Student of the Month for June!

Skype piano student Victoria, Music Lessons Anywhere Student of the Month for June 2017
Victoria lives in Málaga, Spain and takes some face-to-face and some online piano lessons with head of Music Lessons Anywhere, Tracy. Check out our previous Students Of The Month on the Showcase page.


June 26th June, 2017
Thank you Nadia for your review!
Advanced online piano lessons review
Nadia who lives in the USA, takes online piano lessons from our advanced online piano teacher, Stephie, in Athens, Greece. Read many more reviews of our online music lessons on our Reviews page here.


June 23rd June, 2017
Two additions to our student Showcase
Music Lessons Anywhere student showcase Youtube Playlist
Thanks to homeschoolers John and Chrissy from New York, USA, who take online piano and singing lessons with Music Lessons Anywhere teachers Carol and Tracy. They sent in links to their Youtube videos performing ‘Beneath The Waters’ and ‘One Summer’s Day’. Watch them in our Student Youtube Playlist on our Showcase page.


June 20th June, 2017
New Skype guitar lessons page!
Live Skype guitar lessons online
We’ve updated our online guitar lessons page. Check it out here, and try a free lesson!


June 15th June, 2017
New videos added to our Showcase!

Advanced online piano student Doris-Music Lessons Anywhere
Advanced piano teacher Stephie, teaching Doris live online

Advanced online piano student Doris, sent us some videos of her playing Chopin, Scarlatti and Brian Bonsor’s Willy Wagglestick’s Walk About. Online student Lauren from the Bahamas sent us a video of her playing Handel’s Sonata in D Minor. These and many more of our students videos and recordings are on our Showcase page here!


June 3rd, 2017
Congratulations Doris, our Student of the Month for May!

Doris Hasson online music lessons student of the month May 2017
Doris is based in Spain and takes Skype piano lessons online with Music Lessons Anywhere advanced piano teacher Stephie Koulouris in Athens, Greece. Congratulations Doris! Previous Students Of The Month can be viewed on the Showcase page.


May 26th, 2017
Introducing David MacGregor
Music Lessons Anywhere Skype online guitar tutor playing at Carnegie Hall
A warm welcome to David, who has just joined us as our new guitar teacher! With over 16 years experience teaching guitar and more recently providing online guitar lessons, David teaches all ages from beginner to advanced levels.
Read David’s biography here.


May 18th, 2017
Thank you!
Thank you to all our wonderful students who performed in our annual online concert, to everyone who watched the event live online and to all our amazing teachers! Here is a recording of the Youtube live stream:



May 11th, 2017
Countdown to the Spring Concert!
Watch our annual Spring Concert on Sunday 14th May at 4pm CEST live online here:
Download the Concert Programme here:
Music Lessons Anywhere Online Concert Programme 2017 cover


May 8th, 2017
New Showcase videos!
Advanced Skype piano lessons online teacher
We’ve added some video clips of Stephie performing with several ensembles in Athens, Greece, to our Showcase page. Stephie teaches Skype advanced piano lessons online.


May 2nd, 2017
April’s Student of the Month!

Skype clarinet student Sophia, Music Lessons Anywhere Student of the Month for April 2017
Congratulations Sophia! Based in India, Sophia takes Skype clarinet lessons from our online clarinet teacher Mix, in Spain. Keep up the good work Sophia! Previous Students Of The Month can be viewed on the Showcase page.


April 12th, 2017
A new Showcase piece!
Daniel, online piano student, plays Aria - Teacher Tracy Rose
Daniel in Colorado, USA, takes his online piano lessons with Tracy. He sent in this wonderful Aria he’s playing for our Showcase page. Great work Daniel!


April 7th, 2017
Our latest online singing lessons review from Jayden’s Dad!
“Carol is excellent with kids and she makes it even more enjoyable for Jayden. Jayden loves her lessons and looks forward to them every week. We are thankful to be connected with Music Lessons Anywhere.” Read the review in full on the Reviews page here and hear Jayden singing on our Showcase page. Thank you Les!


April 4th, 2017
A new song!
Jayden sings Fallin' Online singing lessons from Carol Hodge
Jayden in Florida, USA, is 11 years old and has been taking online singing lessons and online piano lessons with our online music teacher Carol, in the UK, for 7 months. Hear Jayden’s song on our Showcase page.
Fantastic work Jayden and Carol!


April 2nd, 2017
Student Of The Month for March 2017!
Keana Skype online piano Student of the Month for March
Congratulations to Keana, Student Of The Month for March! Keana who lives in North Dakota, USA, takes her online piano lessons with Liz. Liz nominated Keana for taking on and mastering a particularly difficult piece. Well done Keana!


April 2nd, 2017
New Free Workshops and Events
Skype online music lessons workshops and events
We have ten new Workshops and Events for April, May and June, including an online concert and Playathon for the charity Musicians Without Borders. All the details and booking on our Events page here.


March 29th, 2017
In concert!
Wishing our wonderful online advanced levels piano teacher Stephie, all the best in her forthcoming concerts In Athens. Stephie teaches piano at the highest Diploma level for Music Lessons Anywhere.
Skype Diploma piano lessons teacher - Amberlink Ensemble  Skype piano advanced lessons teacher Amberlink Ensemble


March 23rd, 2017
New videos!
Thank you to two of our wonderful online music students Aleeza in Angola, Africa and Keana in North Dakota, USA who recorded videos of their brilliant playing and singing! Here’s Aleeza:

See Keana and Maggie, our Rhythm Queen and many more videos of our online music students on our YouTube Channel here.


March 12th, 2017
Three more reviews of online music lessons!
Jewel says about her son Eli’s piano lessons, “He was sooo excited while waiting for his lesson to come on Wednesday. I walked by during the lesson and he grinned a huge grin and flashed me a thumb’s up. He is really loving working with you.”
And Betty, taking Skype violin lessons says about Dan, her teacher, “Dan is very helpful to solve all my problems and even gives me a lot of useful tips for practicing violin more efficiently. I really enjoy his lessons…”
Shivani writes, “Tracy and Dan are great! Kind and understanding.”
You can read Jewel’s, Eli’s, and Shivani’s reviews in full and many others here in our online music lessons Reviews page.
Thank you for such great reviews!


March 10th, 2017
Thank you Ekela, for your wonderful review of you and your daughter’s Skype piano lessons and Skype violin lessons!
“I live in a small town in North Dakota. It’s hard to find lessons anywhere here. I tried everywhere. I happened upon Music Lessons Anywhere. Online during a search on Google. I was able to secure lessons for my 7 year old daughter in piano and lessons for me…”
You can read Ekela’s review in full and many others in our Reviews page here.
Thank you Ekela!


March 9th, 2017
Business Rocks has published an article about Music Lessons Anywhere
Online Music Lessons Anywhere Business Rocks article
The story of Music Lessons Anywhere so far, published as an article which you can read here in Business Rocks.
Thank you Emma!


March 5th, 2017
Another review, from online Skype piano lessons student Yasmina!
Yasmina Skype online piano lessons review
“Tracy always makes our lessons really fun, she motivates you and you can always have a laugh with her, she helped me be more confident with my piano playing and as a person really. Music lessons Anywhere gives the best lessons, I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning piano…”
You can read Yasmina’s review and many more here or on our Facebook page. Thank you Yasmina!


March 1st, 2017
Student Of The Month for February 2017!
Sue Skype online piano Student of the Month 02 Sue Skype online piano Student of the Month 02
Congratulations to Sue, February’s Student Of The Month! Sue who lives in San Jose, USA, takes her online piano lessons with Dan and has just taken her Level 6 Certificate of Merit. Dan nominated Sue for her consistent hard work. Congratulations Sue!


February 27th, 2017
A new Showcase song from online piano student Bella!
Bella - online piano lessons-Music Lessons Anywhere
Hear Bella playing and singing a cover of Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High by Arctic Monkeys here on our Showcase Page (in our SoundCloud playlist). Bella is in the UK and takes Skype online piano lessons with Tracy.


Our Autumn Song Competition winner, Ana’s song, professionally produced!

Late last year we ran a student songwriting competition on the theme of Autumn.
From 13 entries, Ana’s song won. You can hear all the entries here on our Showcase page.
The prize was this professional production of Ana’s song.
Seven years ago, at the age of 7, Ana started piano lessons with Music Lessons Anywhere teacher Tracy and has taken online singing lessons with our singing and songwriting teacher Carol Hodge.
Congratulations Ana!


February 21st, 2017
Thank you for your review Katherine!
Skype online piano lessons teacher Dan - Music Lessons Anywhere
Katherine in France, who takes her online piano lessons with Dan (pictured above), sent us a great review. Katherine writes, “I work full time in a demanding job and with a fairly long commute. Music Lessons Anywhere has managed to fit round my schedule and bring music into my life.”Many more reviews on our Reviews page here!.
Thank you Katherine!


February 17th, 2017
Leah’s Skype piano lessons review with online advanced piano teacher, Stephie!
Online advanced piano lessons - Music Lessons Anywhere
“I am myself a piano teacher, and as my own students progress to more advanced levels, I have looked for a teacher who can help me to develop my own technique and knowledge, as well as wanting to realise my potential as a performer, which has always been a difficulty for me.
So far my lessons with Stephie have been everything I hoped for.”

Thank you Leah!
You can read the review in full here.


February 10th, 2017
Thank you for the lovely pic Bernie!
Skype online flute lessons and Skype online violin lessons, Erin and Lucy, Music Lessons Anywhere
Bernie says, “I just wanted say a huge thank you to all of you. This was the highlight of my day, watching Erin and Lucy work out some notes and play along together.”
Erin takes online flute lessons with Kate and her sister Lucy has just taken up online violin lessons with Liz.
Thank you for the kind words and lovely pic Bernie!


February 6th, 2017
Lasanthi’s Skype piano lessons review!
“After the theory exam, my son was so confident and said the exam was pretty easy. I was worried until he got his results where he passed with a Distinction. I think Ms Tracy has mastered the art of “distant teaching” music through Skype.”
Thank you Lasanthi!
You can read the review in full here.


February 3rd, 2017
Free online music lessons workshops in February!
Online music lessons workshops
Workshops are free for all of our online music lessons students. This month we have several workshops geared towards upcoming Theory Exams, a Song Writing Club and the ever popular Musical Bingo!
More information on these online music lessons workshops here.


February 3rd, 2017
Thank you for your review Jennifer!
Music Lessons Anywhere Skype piano lessons online Facebook 5 stars reviews
Jennifer reviews her daughter Sophie’s Skype online clarinet lessons.
“We are an expat family constantly on the move. We found it very difficult to keep up music lessons consistently from place to place…”
You can read Jennifer’s review in full and all our 5 Star Facebook reviews here, and other online music lessons reviews from our students and parents here.


February 1st, 2017
Student Of The Month for January 2017!
Skype online music lessons Leen, student of the month
Congratulations to Leen, January’s Student Of The Month! Leen, one of Tracy’s longest standing Skype piano students, is based in Spain. Great consistent work Leen!


January 30th, 2017
Jon’s online piano lessons review
“With a busy lifestyle and full time job I didn’t expect to get back to a Grade 3 level so quickly, but I was wrong. I took my Grade 3 ABRSM exam in November 2016 and passed with flying colours!”
Read Jon’s review in full here. Thank you Jon!


January 29th, 2017
Tiffany’s review of her son Riley’s online piano lessons
Live online piano lessons review
“Carol has a special approach where the students lead in their own learning. For my son this has made him more engaged, and enjoy piano more.”
Read Tiffany’s review in full here. Thank you Tiffany!


January 24th, 2017
Doris’s review of her online advanced piano lessons
Online advanced piano lessons
“Stephie is an excellent, very experienced teacher who brings a positive attitude to every lesson.”
Read Doris’s review in full here. Thank you Doris!


January 14th, 2017
Online Drums Lessons now available!
Live online drums lessons - Music Lessons Anywhere
Welcome Adriaan, our new online drums teacher.
Read Adriaan’s biography here and try a free live online drums lesson, book here!


January 2nd, 2017
Student Of The Month for December!
Skype online music lessons Erin, student of the month
Congratulations to Erin, December’s Student Of The Month! Erin is based in Saudi Arabia and takes online flute lessons with Kate. Keep up the good work Erin!



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