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December 23rd, 2015
Well done all students, it’s been a great year, here’s to a music filled 2016!
Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons online happy holidays


December 6th, 2015
Maggie with her first ABRSM piano certificate. Well done Maggie!
Music Lessons Anywhere online piano student Maggie with her exam first ABRSM certificate


December 1st, 2015
Eight of our wonderful students sat their ABRSM Piano Exams today.
1x Grade 1
1x Grade 5
5x Grade 6
1x Grade 7
Here’s wishing Bea, Leen, Mayar, Lujain, Victoria, Paula and Lexi all the very best!
Music Lessons Anywhere online piano student AnaMusic Lessons Anywhere online piano student BeaMusic Lessons Anywhere online piano student LexiMusic Lessons Anywhere online piano students Victoria and PaulaMusic Lessons Anywhere online piano tutor Tracy Rose and students Mayar Lujain and Leen


November 16th, 2015
Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons live online Maggie and Boofie
Maggie aged 6 and Boofie Bear. Boofie was on vacation from school at Maggie’s house for the weekend. Boofie has to have pictures of his trips away to take back to school. Here he is with Maggie during her weekly piano lesson, he even had a quick lesson, clever bear!


November 15th, 2015
From earlier today, here’s a video of one of our Music Lesson Anywhere workshops from John’s side. Grade 6 Aural with Leen, Mayar, Lujain, Beatriz, Victoria and John, connected from all over the world.



November 13th, 2015
Dan Louzonis is a Homeschool Dad. He speaks about his piano teacher (me) in one of his radio shows. Here’s a clip:

Dan Louzonis, MusicLessonsAnywhere piano lessons online review


November 12th, 2015
Welcome Chris, our new teacher!
I’m very happy to announce that I have a new online piano teacher working with me!
Here’s Chris Cromey, chosen from a shortlist of many online piano teachers.
Music Lessons Anywhere live piano lessons online - Chris Cromey


November 11th, 2015
New reviews!
Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons live online - Eric - review Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons live online - Daniel - review

Thank you Eric, Val, Katherine and Daniel for your wonderful reviews of your online piano lessons with me!
“That’s when I met Tracy. And what a delight!” – Eric
“Tracy has a quiet confidence and calm that I find reassuring.” – Val
“…professional excellence with fun and laughter.” – Katherine
“Although she is an ocean and a continent away, she is very close to my heart.” – Daniel
Read the reviews in full, and many more… Click here!



October 27th, 2015
Exams all over the world!


For an online piano teacher, exam time of year is a little different from one who’s students are all local, because exam dates are fixed to specific countries and areas. Across the world, USA to Bahrain, exam dates spread out from the 20th October to the beginning of December.


It’s a good thing I’m organised 😉


Good luck to all my Music Lessons Anywhere students who are taking or have taken exams all over the world from October to December!

Exam dates confirmed:
20th October – Vishan – India – Good vibes! Grade 4 Piano
7th November – Linda – USA (Florida) – Grade 5 Theory
7th Novovember – John – USA (New York) – Grade 5 Theory
14th November – Kevyn – Bahrain – Grade 2 Piano
24th November – Kevin – UK (Stockport) – Grade 2 Piano
4th December – Maggie – UK (Southport)
Exam dates yet to be confirmed:
Nikhil – India – Grade 8 Piano
Lexi – Spain – Grade 1 Piano
Paula – Spain Grade 5 Piano
Mayar – Spain – Grade 6 Piano
Leen – Spain – Grade 6 Piano
Lujain – Spain – Grade 6 Piano
Victoria – Spain – Grade 6 Piano
Bea – Spain – Grade 6 Piano
Ana Spain – Grade 7 Piano


Here’s the Music Lessons Anywhere map which shows where my students are:




October 22nd, 2015
Times they are a changing 🙂
Music Lessons Anywhere time change

This Saturday night Europe switches from Central European Summer Time (CEST) to Central European Time (CET) so we all move our clocks back one hour (until it switches back to CEST at the end of March).

This plays havoc with my timetable because not all the countries where my students are all over the world make the same change. Some places like Chicago and New York where I have students, change their time later in November which adds to the fun.

All my students will be receiving an email regarding the change.



October 20th, 2015
Group Gatherings Events for my students

Don’t forget to book your place in a Group Gathering!

See details below (October 6th) and click here to download an information sheet.



October 20th, 2015
Good luck Vishan!

Good luck to Vishan who will be taking his ABRSM Grade 4 Piano Exam in India today.



October 8th, 2015
Piano teacher wanted!

Over the last two years I have successfully filled my timetable with online piano students from around the world. I love my job but there are only so many hours in the day! So I’m looking for a piano teacher to work with me.
This is a freelance opportunity to take on new students when required.

 Click here for details.


October 6th, 2015
More Group Gatherings Events!
MusicLessonsAnywhere online piano lessons students

Following the success and fantastic results attained by students who attended the Fast Track Theory Clubs I held during May and June, I have decided to expand the concept and offer more group gatherings.


New to this term are ‘Music Lessons Anywhere Masterclasses’, a great opportunity to meet other students around the world who are playing the same pieces, make new musical friends and arrange your own get-togethers.


Download a timetable and more information here:



August 11th, 2015
Celebrating today with impressive fast-track Theory results. One Distinction, 4 Merits and one Pass. Well done to Bea, Maria, Victoria, Ana, Paula and Alex!
MusicLessonsAnywhere Congratulations exam results

August 8th, 2015
I’m thrilled that I’ve arranged for some of my students to meet online to practise together.
Manchester and Cambodia!
Loiret to Durango!
Who says you are isolated learning piano online?!
August 6th, 2015
Individual videos of each performance from the Spring Concert are being published on the Music Lessons Anywhere YouTube Channel!

August 2nd, 2015
Alex Usher’s review of MusicLessonsAnywere Summer School 2015
Thank you Alex!
“To think, by the end of the week and at the age of 11, I was practising and performing with a real, live band, is absolutely astounding.”
Alex Usher at MusicLessonsAnywhere Summer School 2015

July 19th, 2015
“Ms. Tracy is, by far, the best teacher we’ve used.”
Thank you Dan for such high accolade!

July 19th, 2015
Summer School 2105
A big thank you to all music and language professionals who collaborated with Music Lessons Anywhere to make the Summer School a success!


July 19th, 2015
100% ABRSM Exam pass rate!
Congratulation to Ana, Maria, Luis and Cristina, my exam students in Málaga! Luis even got full marks for his C piece ‘I’m an Old Cowhand’ which is quite a rare achievement. Well done to all!

June 26th, 2015
World map showing where my students are located across the globe!
I’ve just published a world map showing the location of some of my online piano students.



June 19th, 2015
Thank you Linda for your review of your online piano lessons with me!
“I especially enjoy when Tracy shares from her skilled and extensive background. I have learned so much in the few months I have taken lessons.”

June 13th, 2015
Another wonderful endorsement of my online piano lessons Riyadh!
Thank you Lasanthi Rosario for your superb endorsement!

June 12th, 2015
One of my students, Kevin in Manchester UK, collects Moog synthesizers.
Here’s one before and after he restored it.
Minimoog before restoration.

Minimoog after restoration.


June 9th, 2015
Two more endorsements of my piano lessons online!
Thank you so much Charles T Heberle IV in Guam and Valsala Shankar in India for your fabulous reviews!

May 27th, 2015
Two more reviews of my online piano lessons!
A big thank you to Fatema’s parents, Sukaina & Mustafa in Saudi Arabia, and Naomi Templeton in Chile for your wonderful words!

April 24th, 2015
Skype piano lesson – one of my student’s view
John was in London (UK) when his father shot this video of one of his lessons with me. He’s now back in New York (USA) where he lives… taking lessons with me all the way. John played ‘The Good The Bad And The Ugly’ at the concert in March. This was his first lesson on that piece.


March 25th, 2015
To everyone who performed at the concert on Saturday! A big thank you to Andrew Phillips for the pictures. More pictures on the way and more pictures on the Music Lessons Anywhere Facebook page.
MusicLessonsAnywhere Student Concert 2015, piano lessons online

March 20th, 2015
We’re in the newspaper!
Earlier in the week I was interviewed by Polly Rodger Brown from the newspaper Sur In English (over Skype of course 🙂 ) about the MusicLessonsAnywhere student concerts. Her article is in today’s edition. Thank you Polly!
Click the image below to take a look!


March 17th, 2015
The concert programme is being printed today.
Click the image below to take a look!


March 17th, 2015
This Saturday’s concert will be webcast live, so all your friends and family can watch, anywhere in the world!
The webcast will start at 14.30h local Spanish time (GMT+1) – bookmark it now and please post it on you Facebook pages and social media streams!


Click the image below to see how the whole concert setup works!
MusicLessonsAnywhere Spring Concert 2014, piano lessons online

March 7th, 2015
A big thank you to Mike Bond and Danny for the shout out on their radio show at Coast FM Gold and for the top tunes they played for me!

January 21st, 2015
My youngest student Maggie takes her first piano lesson

Here’s Maggie, aged 5 and her mum Jo in the UK, taking her first piano lesson online.

Jo says, “How amazing having you in our kitchen teaching piano and us singing and playing back to you!”

Thank you for sending me the lovely photo Jo!
Skype piano lesson - Maggie, my youngest student


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