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December 22nd, 2013
New endorsements, with thanks to Cristina Neira Faba and James Shallcross MBE.


November 26th, 2013
Student concert, coming Spring 2014
I am looking forward to staging a concert on the 22nd March 2014, which will include my local students, most of whom will be performing at the concert in person, alongside my online students, mainly in Riyadh. My online students will be performing at the concert live through Skype video, with their performances projected on a screen in the auditorium. The whole concert will be webcast live.


(Click the diagram below to see how it works.)


MusicLessonsAnywhere Spring Concert 2014, piano lessons online


Everyone will be able to watch the concert through the webcast and see how easy it is to span continents and include everyone in an event, no matter where they are in the world!


My experience with teaching students in Riyadh is exceptionally positive. I enjoy teaching them immensely. Some students will be taking their ABRSM exams at the The British International School in Riyadh. All are especially keen to learn and providing lessons online solves a lot of practical problems they might otherwise have in attending to face-to-face lessons and online lessons are cheaper than face-to-face lessons in Saudi Arabia.


October 27th, 2013
Mayar performing brilliantly at the ABRSM High Scorers Concert on Saturday 5th October at the Auditorio Ateneo in Sevilla, Spain.



October 8th, 2013
Mayar performed brilliantly at the ABRSM High Scorers Concert on Saturday 5th October at the Auditorio Ateneo in Sevilla, Spain.
Thank you to Mayar’s family for their support and encouragement!
Check out the photos on the FaceBook page.
Video of Mayar’s performance to follow!


Mayar, MusicLessonsAnywhere student, High Scoreres Concert - Ateneo de Sevilla, October 5 2013
Mayar receives her certificate after performing at the High Scoreres Concert.


September 26, 2013
More information about the ABRSM High Scorers Concert in Sevilla, where Mayar, one of my students will be performing:
The concert is on Saturday 5th October at the Auditorio Ateneo, Sevilla, Spain.
Here’s what the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music have to say about the concert:
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is the world’s leading authority on musical assessment; actively supporting and encouraging music learning for all. The High Scorers’ Concert will feature performances from an array of Andalusia most talented young musicians who have achieved high scores in their recent ABRSM music exams. The concert offers a wonderful opportunity for students to share their achievements with wider audiences, gaining valuable performing experience in a supportive and celebratory setting.


September 8, 2013
New School Year is upon us!
Lesson slots are fast becoming booked up, so if you haven’t already booked your slot, email me at the email address above, or fill out the enquiry form!


July 18, 2013
Congratulations Mayar!
Mayar (one of my students) has been asked to play in the ABRSM High Scorers Concert in Sevilla, Spain!
This is a real privilege. ABRSM High Scorers’ Concerts are special events that take place worldwide and recognize the hard work and achievement of high scoring music students in the ABRSM exams. This concert is for students from the whole of Andalucia, Spain.


June 26, 2013
ABRSM Results are in! Everyone passed! 2 Distinctions (with maximum marks possible), 5 Merits and 3 Passes!
I am a very happy piano teacher. Congratulations to everyone!



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