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About My Online Music Teachers

Tracy Rose

Founded ‘Music Lessons Anywhere’ in 2013.
Online piano teacher and music teacher.

Music Lessons Anywhere live piano lessons online - Tracy Rose
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I’m convinced I have some of the best online music teachers working with me. Scroll down to see their biographies or tap their names below to jump there.
Carol Hodge
  Online songwriting lessons, online singing lessons and online piano lessons.
Liz Bux
  Online violin lessons and online piano lessons.
Mix Amylo
  Online clarinet lessons, online saxophone lessons, online singing and songwriting lessons and online piano lessons.
Dan Bohdan Syroyid
  Online piano, guitar, violin and music theory lessons to diploma level, online jazz piano lessons, online improvisation lessons, online composing and online Sibelius and online Cubase lessons.
Stephie Koulouris
  Online advanced piano lessons.
Kate Jackson
  Online bassoon lessons, online flute lessons and online ukulele lessons.
David MacGregor
  Online guitar lessons.
Razvan Cociodar
  Online viola lessons.
Stefan Nestoroski
  Online accordion lessons.
Adriaan Vervoort
  Online drums lessons.
Tommy Crew
  Online trumpet lessons and online piano lessons.

“We have been using Music Lessons Anywhere for several months now. We have had the pleasure of 3 teachers’ expertise. In my experience you don’t normally get all your teachers being totally amazing, but these 3 certainly are. All 3 teachers we have found to be absolutely superb. ”Sue Button, UK



Carol Hodge

Online songwriting and online singing lessons. Online piano lessons.


Carol is based in the UK. She qualified as a teacher in 2007 and started her career teaching Drama to young children all over Manchester (UK), before progressing to running city centre college courses in TV and Film Production, and Music.
She became a teaching coach at The Manchester College in 2014. Carol has also worked for 4 years as an external examiner for the Edexcel Examination Board, assessing the performance work of GCE Drama students across the North West of England.
A naturally dynamic and enthusiastic online singing teacher, her energy is infectious. She has the teaching skills to find and develop the best in students, inspiring them to sing with confidence.

Carol is an amazing teacher and I’ve learnt so much from her in a relatively short period of time. As a teacher I know how difficult it is to keep things interesting and motivating, Carol is able to do this effortlessly every lesson!Mike Barton, Valencia, Spain

Carol has been singing professionally for almost 20 years. Having fronted a variety of rock and punk bands since the age of 15. In 2011, singing in a band, she toured the world including sold out theatre shows in Montreal (Canada), Los Angeles (USA), London (UK) and Sydney (Australia).
With a keen and unstoppable interest in music from an early age, at 8 years old Carol had already taught herself to read music and play basic piano. Saving her pocket money for a whole year to buy a full sized keyboard, her parents were convinced of her dedication to music and booked piano lessons for her, through which she worked her way through the ABRSM piano and theory Grades.
Carol also teaches piano at Music Lessons Anywhere.
Carol continues to sing and play piano live around the UK on a regular basis, performing solo under her own name. She has a fondness for long country walks, cats and Earl Grey tea.

Carol Hodge – Shape of Things


Liz Bux

Online violin lessons and online piano lessons.


Liz has been teaching violin for 25 years. She is currently Head of Music at St George’s British School of Málaga.
Having started playing the violin at the age of 8, Liz went on to study at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with Eli Goren and Suzanne Rozsa.
Liz was a founder member of a string quartet and before moving from the UK to Spain in 2004 she taught violin and theory, and coached the Junior String Orchestra for East Sussex Music Services (UK) as well as teaching violin at musically award winning prep schools in the South East of England.
Music Lessons Anywhere live violin lessons online - Liz Bux
Liz Bux (bottom right of the photo) giving an online violin lesson to Nalin in Bahrain


Mix Amylo

Online clarinet lessons, online saxophone lessons, singing and songwriting lessons online. Online piano teacher.
Mix also speaks Spanish and French.


A professional musician, artist, teacher and writer, Mix is from London but currently living in Manchester, UK. She studied music from the age of 7, starting with piano, moving through violin, viola and oboe, before finding the clarinet and saxophone.
Mix trained classically following the ABRSM grade exams, and has played in many different ensembles, pop and jazz groups, orchestras and wind bands. She went on to study jazz and contemporary music at the City of Leeds College of Music in the UK, majoring in alto saxophone, clarinet and piano, and graduating with a First.
As a session musician based in London for many years, Mix played with numerous international artists; she has toured Europe, the USA and Japan playing sax and keyboards for major bands and musicians such as Groove Armada, Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley (James Brown Horns), and Dina Carroll, and performed concerts with singers such as Jamie Cullum, Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), Michael Bolton, Gloria Gaynor and Boy George in almost every musical style possible.
She continues to perform live, playing gigs and touring with her jazz funk flamenco duo Spoondrift.
Mix has taught in England, Spain, France and Switzerland, in performing arts schools, summer camps, adult night classes, primary and secondary schools as a peripatetic teacher, and private lessons for all ages and levels. She has taught the ABRSM and Trinity music syllabuses, and held songwritng workshops, as well as guiding many students through the writing/singing/recording process.
With her passion for all aspects of music, Mix inspires her own love of playing in her students.
Mix encourages creativity, and believes that each student should be treated individually, have fun while learning, and end every student feeling good about themselves and their playing.

Online saxophone lessons and online clarinet lessons with Mix Amylo at Music Lessons Anywhere
Skype saxophone lessons and online clarinet lessons with Mix Amylo at Music Lessons Anywhere



Dan Bohdan Syroyid

Online piano, guitar, violin and music theory lessons to Diploma level. Online jazz and improvisation piano lessons; online composing, online Sibelius and online Cubase lessons.
Dan also speaks Spanish and Russian.



Dan Bohdan Syroyid is a composer, piano player and music teacher. He graduated in Musical Composition at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Málaga (Spain), he took a Master’s Degree in Musical Research at the International University of La Rioja (Spain), and a Master of Fine Arts in Professional Composition and Orchestration at the University of Chichester (UK) in collaboration with ThinkSpace Education. Currently, he is doing a PhD in Musicology at KU Leuven (Belgium).


Dan is the president of the ACIM: Association of Composers and Performers of Malaga (Spain). He has worked as an accompanist and music teacher at the British Saint George’s International School (Spain), (ages 7-12) at the Añoreta Nova School Private Primary and Secondary School (Spain) and Francisco Jurado Music School (Spain) teaching jazz piano, modern singing and band music to students of ages 16-65. He is an experienced teacher having taught private music lessons (online and face-to-face) in piano, music theory, composition, production, analysis, harmony, classical, jazz and pop music and exam preparations.
Skype online guitar lessons with music lessons anywhere
Dan has won many competitions:
1st Prize: Gonzalo Martín Tenllado Elementary Grade Piano Competition, 2008
1st Prize: Maestro Artola Wind Band Composition Competition with Mar Sin Agua [Waterless Sea], 2013
1st Prize: Emilio Lehmberg” Symphonic Orchestra Composition Competition with Los Bosques de Cemento [The Cement Forests], 2014
9th Prize: Musical Foundation of Malaga (FMMA) for best academic record at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Malaga, 2015
Bohdan Syroyid online Cubase and online composition teacher - Music Lessons Anywhere
An active and prolific composer of a diverse range of styles and expert in composing in digital recording software Cubase and digital score editor Sibelius, both of which he teaches live online, Dan is constantly adding his compositions to his Soundcloud page  Dan Bohdan Syroyid Soundcloud MusicLessonsAnywhere

Dan Bohdan Syroyid performing a musical journey improvisation for Music Lessons Anywhere

Dan Bohdan Syroyid performing his composition ‘Capricho Andaluz’ at Teatro Cervantes, Málaga, Spain


Stephie Koulouris

Advanced online piano lessons.

Stephie is our specialist, online advanced piano teacher with 26 years’ teaching experience.
With Stephie’s teaching and performing experience, she takes students beyond ABRSM Grade 8 to study for any of the four Diplomas: ARSM, DipABRSM, LRSM and FRSM.


Stephie is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. She is flexible and responsive to my requests of different pieces of music and did not insist on sticking to the book. Stephie is always sensitive to my request asking about my needs and always offering to help. She believes in me and always encourages me to challenge myself. Thank you very much Stephie.Nadia Ashraf, Pennsylvania, USA

Stephie has been teaching International Baccalaureate (IB) students for 15 years. This involves aspects of composition, performance and critical analysis of music, helping students to develop their abilities to enhance their appreciation and enjoyment of music.
Throughout the years, Stephie has also taught elementary-intermediate-advanced levels of music. This has provided her with extensive experience, including rigorous preparation and high performance standards required for Ministry-set Examinations, Exit Criteria, Piano Competitions, Master Classes and Diplomas.
Stephie’s qualifications include:
Artist’s Diploma (Piano), MMus Performance (National Conservatory, Greece)
MMus Education (Athinaiko Conservatory, Greece)
QTS, Teacher Reference Number 1386725 
IBMYP Music, IB Diploma Music 
Her experience in performance includes work with the Amberlink Ensemble which she co-founded with her sister in 2012. The ensemble comprises six performing artists.
Amberlink Ensemble - advanced online piano lessons
Advanced online piano teacher, Stephie, with the Amberlink Ensemble
Stephie’s years of teaching provided her with a wealth of information, books, CDs and Creative Listening material that can be used to help advanced piano students prepare successfully for up-coming recitals, presentations and examinations.
During the 11 years in her role as Musical Director of The International School of Athens, Stephie directed 23 musical concerts there and 5 musicals. It was here that she created and developed the music department, responsible for implementing the IBMYP, IB Diploma Programme and both the National Curriculum and US Curriculum.
Stephie has also taught at the Attikon Conservatory (Athens) and the National Conservatory (Athens).
Online advanced piano lessons - Music Lessons Anywhere
Stephie’s current work as an advanced level online music teacher (IB Music Diploma), has allowed her to work closely with Year 1 and Year 2 IB Music students. Teaching them at their preferred pace and in their preferred manner of learning, and enabled with all the online tools and materials needed for students to excel in their studies, Stephie thoroughly prepares them for exams and exit criteria.

I am myself a piano teacher. So far my lessons with Stephie have been everything I hoped for. Her knowledge is extensive and she pays great attention to detail. She gives really useful and supportive feedback, and the practice notes after each lesson are great.Leah Murphey, Republic Of Ireland



Kate Jackson

Online flute lessons, online bassoon lessons and online ukulele lessons.


Kate has a broad musical background and for several years has been an active teacher in a variety of roles, from secondary music teaching to individual private lessons, alongside her own personal performance development and practice.
Her musical training began at Bath Spa University where she obtained a BA (Hons) degree in Music. She studied a broad range of subjects, including academic musicology topics, film music, opera and 20th century music.
Kate has always been an active member of an extensive range of diverse ensembles.
In order to further expand her musical knowledge and take her bassoon playing to the next level, she studied an Orchestral Masters in Bassoon at the Royal Northern College of Music.
On completing her studies she worked as a Music Support Practitioner for Derbyshire Music Partnership. This involved supporting the teaching of ukulele, djembe, flute and fife in primary schools.

Live Skype flute lessons online - Music Lessons Anywhere

Kate loves teaching, helping students to progress and develop their musical knowledge and enjoyment is central to her tuition!
In 2013 Kate undertook a Graduate Teacher Programme in secondary music teaching through Sheffield Hallam University where she gained experience teaching music to 11-18 year olds and is now a qualified teacher. Throughout the year she conducted a wind band and lead a bassoon quartet.
A year later, in Saskatchewan, Canada, Kate discovered another direction for her tuition and playing. She worked as a music support aide for children with profound learning disabilities as a music support aide.
Kate now lives in a small rural community in England from where she teaches her students, some of which regularly take ABRSM exams, consistently achieving high grades.
Kate is passionate about what she teaches, and her enthusiasm is infectious.
Alongside her teaching work, Kate has been developing her own Music In Healthcare practice. Engagement in music as a form of therapy is rapidly growing and being recognised where she worked as an apprentice with the well known OPUS Music CIC as a musician in childrens’ hospitals.
For as long as she can remember Kate has loved making music and through teaching, she is able to share her love of music with others.
“To be a musician demands discipline and commitment. As an organised, active and enthusiastic person I find this a pleasure. Due to my past experiences I believe I can bring energy and enjoyment to lessons, helping pupils to develop and succeed.”
Kate Jackson – Online bassoon lessons and online flute lessons.
Music Lessons Anywhere flute lessons live online


David MacGregor

Online guitar lessons.


David MacGregor teaches guitar with Music Lessons Anywhere from beginner to advanced levels and has over 16 years of experience teaching his instrument.
He is also a touring world jazz guitarist, composer, recording artist and music educator.

Music Lessons Anywhere Skype guitar lessons online with David MacGregor


“David is a wonderful and brilliant teacher with a passion for playing the guitar that is very infectious! I enjoy every lesson because he adapts to my learning style and plans his lessons according to my goals and needs. David is always very positive, encouraging and most importantly patient! We all have to start somewhere and I could not ask for a better teacher!”Hayley-Ann Mathieson, Edinburgh, UK

Originally from Scotland, David now travels the world performing solo concerts and collaborating with world-renowned musicians as well as giving Master Classes, Workshops and teaching guitar online.
He has always really enjoyed teaching, especially one to one lessons and as his touring career has evolved he had found online lessons to be the best way to continue to take on pupils.

Music Lessons Anywhere Skype guitar lessons online Festival de Jazz de Polanco
Online guitar tutor David MacGregor playing at the Festival de Jazz de Polanco

Throughout his guitar career, he has played many different styles of music including jazz, rock and heavy metal, blues, folk, traditional Scottish music, reggae, country and classical.
His approach is to find out what inspires you and to guide you on a fun yet efficient path to get the most out of your lessons.
As well as providing Skype guitar lessons online, David can also offer aspiring professional musicians advice on working within the music industry. He can help you with your compositions, arranging and music theory, as well as advise on how to put together a great live performance.

“I’ve been having lessons with David for a year now, and my guitar playing, music knowledge and appreciation has improved significantly. I feel very lucky to have met David, he’s a great person and the greatest teacher.”Alan Shehoah, Mexico City, Mexico




Stefan Nestoroski

Online accordion lessons.

Stefan teaching an online accordion lesson

Stefan started  playing  accordion at age of 7.
He studied accordion performance at Music High School DMU “Todor Skalovski – Tetoec” from 2007 to 2011. He continued his accordion performance studies at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, graduating in 2015.
Alongside his studies in a wide range of musical styles, Stefan also studied in depth, Bulgarian folk music.
Stefan currently teaches accordion at Music High School in Macedonia.
Stefan Nestoroski online accordion lessons Music Lessons Anywhere

Experienced in teaching children and adults from all ages, Stefan is professional, friendly and patient. His online accordion lessons range from classical to traditional folk music from Balkan – Southeast Europe (Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia) and everything in between, and of course, lessons can be tailor made to suit your individual needs.

Stefan performing ‘Dark Eyes’ by R. Würthner


Adriaan Vervoort

Online drums lessons.
Live online drum lessons - Music Lessons Anywhere

Adriaan started drumming at the age of 7 and developed an early interest in jazz. He undertook studies at the Conservatorium of Antwerp and Maastricht where he achieved his Bachelor in Music Diploma and his teaching degree.
After an inspiring tour of China, Adriaan continues his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where he took lessons from Lionel Beuvens and Stéphane Galland, while taking composition classes with Diederick Wissels. Today he is playing in bands including Animal 46 and Azalaïs.
Drum lessons live online - Music Lessons Anywhere
Adriaan started his teaching career in 2009 at the Pop and Rock atelier Diest, later teaching at the music academy of Neerpelt (Niko) for 2 years. He has taught at the AMW Lubbeek (atelier for music and word) and gave lessons at the music school ‘Mierennest’ from the Jan-Niklaasstichting at Dworp and the Pop and Rock atelier Lummen.
In 2011 Adriaan was asked to join a team of teachers for the Jeugd en Muziek Brussel (youth and music Brussels) music camps where he was active as a band coach, instrument teacher and theory teacher. He used that experience to become coordinator for ‘bandlab’ camps for a short time.
With his broad vision of music, he is able to teach all styles, tailoring lessons to the needs of individual students. He actively discovers students’ latent talents, helping to develop them.

For his live online drum lessons, Adriaan uses at least two cameras, positioned so all aspects of drumming technique are easily seen.
During online drum lessons, the drums’ sound from Adriaan’s kit is fed through the computer, not captured from the room. This enables the drum sound always to be heard perfectly by the remote student.

Adriaan is deeply interested in research and the development of pedagogy, continually studying all aspects of music education.




Razvan Cociodar

Online viola lessons.

Skype viola lessons online Music Lessons Anywhere

Razvan started playing the violin at the age of five in his hometown of Brasov in Romania. He studied under Professor Mireanu Maria until the age of 18, when he moved to the University of Music in Cluj Napoca, where he was taught by renowned music tutor Stefan Ruha.
Moving to Cologne University of Music in Germany four years later, he took his Masters Degree, studying violin, viola, chamber music and orchestra under world world class teachers Viktor Tretiakov, Gerhard Peters, and Frans Helmerson.
In 2003 Razvan was appointed Concertmaster of Cluj Napoca Philharmonic Orchestra and member of the Napoca Quartet. Two years later he moved to Northern Spain where he played in professional orchestras such as Real Filharmonia de Galicia, Orquesta Sinfonica de Galicia before moving South to settle in Málaga where he joined the Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra.
As a professor, he was an assistant teacher to Stefan Ruha in the Gheorghe Dima University of Music and holds a position in the Music School A Capela, in A Coruña.

Razvan Cociodar Skype viola lessons online with Malaga Symphony Orchestra


Razvan has received many prizes in solo and chamber music competitions, such as Spring of Arts Competition (1997), Young Talents International Contest (1999), Schadsche Stiftung Music Scholarship (2003) and Erasmus Scholarship before taking his Masters Degree. He has performed solo and chamber music concerts on all the principal stages in Romania, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy and France. Razvan has played with many professional orchestras as an invited guest, in all the major concert halls in Spain and abroad.

Skype viola lesson live online

Razvan’s approach to teaching is always meticulous and thorough. His broad experience in performance provides enormous depth to his teaching skills, making his lessons engaging and insightful.


Tommy Crew

Online trumpet lessons and online piano lessons.

Tom Crew live Skype trumpet lessons online

Experienced online trumpet teacher and professional musician Tommy Crew has written songs for bands, TV and played at the renowned Royal Albert Hall, UK.
Tommy’s friendly, bubbly personality and high standards have made him one of the most sought after teachers in his home town of Liverpool, UK. He has recently equipped his studio for online trumpet lessons and online piano lessons.

“I have been a self taught trumpet player for a number of years with the odd lesson thrown in. I started lessons with Tom about 6 months ago and my only regret is that I didn’t start lessons with them 20 years ago. Not only do I enjoy every lesson, they explain things so well and make it very easy to understand what they want you to do to improve. They have corrected all my bad habits and I am transformed in my ability. Thank you Tom.”Joseph, Liverpool, UK

From the age of 8, Tommy has performed in piano, trumpet and singing in many competitions, festivals and concerts. Since completing ABRSM Grade 8 in both trumpet and piano he has continued performing and composing music for TV.

Tom Crew live Skype piano lessons online


Tommy says, “I have been teaching since my mid 20s and have done all kinds of teaching work, including teaching in Primary and High Schools, Choirmaster in a Rock Choir. As a singing teacher I have taught in a Performance Arts School and Keyboard Teacher to University of Liverpool Music Students. I am accomplished in all aspects of playing whether it be classical, jazz, rock, blues, pop etc. and have a passion for recording & songwriting.”

“Tom teaches my daughter the piano and my son the trumpet. We were pleasantly surprised to find someone that was able to teach both instruments, saves a lot of hassle. My daughter had already passed ABRSM Grade 1 with another teacher at school but she had lost faith and wasn’t really enjoying it anymore. Now she is back on track, working towards Grade 4 and loves every lesson. My son, only 7, has taken to the trumpet quite wonderfully and despite his young age, has already passed Grade 2 with Merit and is now working on Grade 3. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom to anyone. Brilliant teaching.”Corrina Crosbie, Liverpool, UK



Together, we also make a great team for online homeschool music lessons!