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Louise’s background

Born in England, Louise lives and works as an online piano and theory teacher, from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain.
Louise´s love of music grew from an early age at Primary School. Her school reports always commented that she showed a natural flair for music. She even remembers counting the days until her next school music lesson!
Like many students, she started taking piano lessons as a child. However, unlike many students, Louise never had to be told to practice, because she practically lived at the piano!
Wherever Louise has lived in the world, she has always had a piano at her side.

“Louise quickly helped me build my confidence and encourage me to learn music out of joy and passion. I’d recommend her to anyone starting music lessons, young and old.”
Katie-Jane Bennett – England
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Louise’s own music

Over the last ten years, Louise has been writing her own music. She started writing piano instrumentals and in more recent years, went on to write several lyrical pop songs.
Soon to be releasing will be two ballads with piano, vocals and strings shortly, ‘The Wrong Girl’ and ‘Goodnight Orion’.
Previously, Louise was the in-house pianist at the exclusive El Nautico Suites Restaurant. She played five nights a week, providing an ambient atmosphere for resident diners.


About Louise’s online piano and theory teaching

Louise is a friendly, organised and dedicated piano and theory teacher, with fifteen years of teaching experience.
If you’re seeking to perfect your skills or you are a complete beginner, Louise can provide you with the personalised tuition to meet those needs.
Louise online piano lesson at Music Lessons Anywhere


“My daughter is learning piano from Louise, and is extremely happy. She is very patient and kind to her and makes the lessons very fun and engaging. I recommend her 100%”
Pooja Mathur – Saudi Arabia
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Louise always brings out the best from her students, because she is committed to helping them achieve their personal goals.
This personal approach to each student’s specific needs, means that Louise is able to adapt her teaching style accordingly. She understands that every student has their own path to travel. Therefore she provides the best support, to help the student through every step of their special musical journey and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Louise says, “I feel it is an honour to be part of that journey. It gives me a great sense of achievement to see my students progress. For me, the best reward from a day’s teaching, is seeing my students’ smiles, which finishes my day with a smile on my face!”
Regarding tuition for younger students, Louise says, “I enjoy creating fun lessons for the younger students, using a range of music games to maintain enthusiasm.”
How does online piano teacher Louise feel about teaching online? “I’m unable to imagine doing anything else. I have been a music teacher for fifteen years and I am looking forward to the next fifteen!”

Lesson notes

Louise’s experience and expertise, like all of our teachers, means that she is able to carefully monitor and record students’ progress. After every lesson, detailed lesson notes are emailed to students. As a result, strengths and weaknesses are covered. Thus students can focus their practise between lessons.

“Louise is calm, patient and understanding and has helped me more than all of my other music teachers combined.”
Katie-Jane Bennett – England
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Louise teaching an online piano lesson at Music Lessons Anywhere
Louise (on screen) teaching piano online


“Ms Louise is a great teacher. She is super patient and encouraging, bringing out the best in my daughter, who enjoys her classes very much and always looks forward to her lessons. I would highly recommend Ms Louise!
Jeanette Mao – Hong Kong
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