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A review of our advanced piano lessons:
“I am myself a piano teacher, and as my own students progress to more advanced levels I have looked for a teacher who can help me to develop my own technique and knowledge, as well as wanting to realise my potential as a performer, which has always been a difficulty for me.
My lessons with Music Lessons Anywhere teacher Stephie have been everything I hoped for. Her knowledge is extensive and she pays great attention to detail. She gives really useful and supportive feedback, and the practice notes after each lesson are great.
I’m delighted to have found Music Lessons Anywhere, it fits into my schedule so easily and is very reasonably priced for the quality of the service.”

Leah Murphey, Ireland


With our live online advanced piano lessons, we can take your level of music ability way above and beyond ABRSM Grade 8.


Skype advanced piano lessons online dipABRSM, LRSM, FRSM, Diplomas
Sofia, one of our Diploma level online piano students.
Below, you can hear Sofia playing her Diploma Piano Exam pieces:



Why take a Diploma?

Diplomas take your level of music ability to the very top.
For musicians, teachers and music students, Diplomas provide an exciting challenge to progress way beyond Grade 8.
Achieving a Diploma provides you with a professional qualification recognised by other musicians, teachers and other music professionals globally.
We teach live online advanced piano lessons at Diploma level.
Your technique in advanced piano playing is a key component of online Diploma Piano Lessons. Your ability and dexterity, including your touch and your tone in playing scales through complete pieces, are core elements.
Our online advanced piano teachers are trained to be able to help you develop and achieve the ultimate standards and levels of refinement required for your advanced piano playing and recital.
Advanced piano lessons live online Diploma ARSM
Stephie Koulouris, online advanced piano teacher who teaches up to FRSM

Dan (seen here performing his own piano concerto composition) is also available to teach up to ARSM level


Performance-only Diploma.
This diploma forms the bridge between Grade 8 and DipABRSM.
By performing a 30 minute programme, you are given the opportunity to demonstrate your advanced piano performance skills after you have achieved Grade 8. You will be assessed on a number of points, including your ability to communicate, interpret and deliver your music.
Without any spoken or written components and without scales, sight reading or aural tests, the exam is very accessible.
Exams can be taken worldwide at the same ABRSM Graded Music Exam Centres, during the same exam periods.
Diplomas at a Glance
The ABRSM guide to Diplomas

Requirements for DipABRSM, LRSM, FRSM Diplomas:



Arrange and present a recital programme which allows you to demonstrate your skills, understanding and sensitivity to a varied repertoire.

Viva Voce:

This will involve a discussion with the examiner(s) where you will be able to impart your knowledge, approach and understanding of music.

Written assignment:

DipABRSM and LRSM: These will include Programme Notes which relate to your Recital Programme.
FRSM: A written Submission which relates to material associated with your Recital Repertoire.

Quick Study:

You will perform a short piece of music for which you will not have made preparation.

Music performance:

Compile a balanced recital programme comprising pieces that are best suited to your interpretation. You will talk with confidence about the music and provide your best possible performance.

Stephie Koulouris is our specialist, online advanced piano teacher with 26 years’ teaching experience.

Live online advanced piano lessons Diploma, ARSM
Stephie Koulouris, online advanced piano lessons

“Stephie is an excellent, very experienced teacher who brings a positive attitude to every lesson. In a short time, she has quickly identified  my technical difficulties, and suggest practice methods to correct them. She builds a sense of confidence in a student and makes lessons challenging and fun!”
Doris Hasson, Spain

Stephie outlines her personal approach to teaching online Piano Diploma lessons:
“During my years of study and preparation for the stage, I was blessed to be mentored by Julliard graduates and teachers (my best friends today) who gave me the greatest teaching tool I might ever need: inspiration.

Through them I found that success came easily and effortlessly to students when they were inspired, when the lesson shared was filled with a joy of teaching, a joy of learning and genuine enthusiasm.

My mentors shared so much more than teaching/learning how to play the piano.
Professionalism at all times was a given, respect towards all teachers and teaching methods, not only of music, was expected; as was being fully prepared, not only for each lesson but for every task, project, work assignment that was at hand.
This was always expected as well as:

  • reliability
  • setting short-term & long-term goals for both student & teacher
  • looking towards new challenges and setting higher goals
  • tailoring lessons individually to each student’s needs
  • getting the best out of students in helping them realize that they were more capable and talented than they first thought
  • sharing an appreciation and understanding of music that might accompany one not only in years of making music but also in years of just listening and enjoying music
  • and so much more…


For preparation at Piano Diploma Level, I have found that the following can be helpful:

  • securing a good hand position and posture when sitting at one’s instrument
  • maintaining a firm bridge
  • participating in the choice of repertoire
  • developing sound and solid technique that allows a student full artistic expression when interpreting his/her chosen repertoire
  • developing speed & accuracy
  • developing all aspects of technical proficiency & effective control of musical elements i.e. articulation, dynamics, phrasing, tempo, timber/tone colour, balance, etc
  • developing an understanding of style
  • developing performance skills
  • committing the program to memory
  • developing effective musical communication.”


Live online advanced piano teacher Stephie Koulouris

Read Stephie’s biography here.

One-to-one live online advanced piano lessons are £40 GB Pounds Sterling per hour.

If you have any questions about advanced piano lessons and Diplomas, contact me here to arrange to meet for chat.