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Online ukulele teacher, flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder and piano teacher


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Katrina’s background

Katrina has a broad musical background. For many years has been an active teacher in a variety of roles.
Katrina’s professional musical training began at Nottingham Trent University where she obtained a BA (Hons) degree in Contemporary Arts (Music and Performance).


“Katrina‚Äôs music lessons are so exciting I could go on all night! So much fun! You should try them!”Lizzy Hogg, Thailand

Katrina has worked in many secondary schools and with the Nottinghamshire Arts Support Service in England, consequently gaining valuable teaching experience. She taught children and adults of all ages, as individuals and in groups.

Katrina’s teaching

As an instrumental peripatetic teacher, Katrina organised performances for various events and school concerts. For younger students, Katrina often introduced musical games to her instrumental lessons. These help to create a fun and creative learning environment.
Nervous exam students were reassured and given the confidence they needed because of Katrina’s natural ability to set them at ease. Often she would accompany them on the piano thereby boosting their confidence.
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With a naturally positive and lively personality, Katrina’s students are encouraged through her enthusiasm as a teacher. She embraces every opportunity to try new teaching initiatives.

“Katrina is very encouraging and patient which is very important for kids like my son, who is sensitive and needs inspiration. With Katrina, my son will deepen his love of music and enjoy his playing.”Dongmei Chen – Riyadh KSA


Katrina’s own music

Outside of teaching, Katrina is a singer songwriter. She records and produces her music through her home recording studio.
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‘There’s A Place’ written and performed by Katrina Hall for our Live Online Annual Concert

As an instrumental performer, Katrina has been involved in many activities from an early age. She was part of a touring band, which performed extensively throughout the UK. She played in a flute choir and played clarinet in the Nottingham Symphonic Wind Band.
As a singer, Katrina has played key roles in various choirs and regularly performs her own songs on stage.

“Music forms a large part of my life and has inspired me from an early age. I enjoy all aspects of communication.” Katrina Hall

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