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Jessica’s background

For as long as Jessica can remember, she has always had a keen interest in anything that made a sound. At 5 years old, her favourite toy was a 40cm electronic keyboard.
Luckily for Jessica, her school in England, offered free music lessons. She took piano lessons followed by guitar, saxophone and theory lessons, where her interest in sound and music became focussed and developed.
Piano became Jessica’s favourite instrument. Playing music in the music department gave her the confidence to play in front of others, as fellow students and school staff stopped by to hear her play.
Playing the guitar and saxophone just for fun, Jessica took her studies on the piano seriously. She went on to work through and passed all the exams, for all music grades, in piano and theory.

“My daughter studied with Jess from ABRSM Grade 2 and achieved Grade 5 level within only three months. We received the exam result yesterday, my daughter passed with a DISTINCTION. Jess has been very lovely and thoughtful, my daughter likes her very much and didn’t want the lessons to end!”
Huang Fang – New Zealand
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Jessica’s own music

Jessica writes music and songs with her partner, who is a sound engineer.
They are currently working on ten new songs. These will be published on Spotify soon. Watch this space!


About Jessica’s online piano and theory teaching

Before realising her aptitude for teaching piano and theory, as a late teenager, Jessica taught younger family members and friends on a casual basis.
She soon started taking teaching seriously, travelling to students’ homes before demand made teaching online more efficient. Teaching online of course, enabled Jessica to reach students fortunate enough to find her, anywhere in the world.
Jessica at piano online piano and online theory teacher - Music Lessons Anywhere


“My daughter has been learning piano with Jessica for some time and absolutely loves her lessons. We love the theory classes which is a free extra and a huge bonus! Highy recommend this school.”
Tracy Nesbeth – England
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Apart from lesson notes, emailed to students after every lesson by all of our teachers, Jessica keeps her own log book. As Jessica says, “This helps me to plan each lesson and cater to the needs of each student accordingly, as well as giving myself reflective feedback.”
Jessica believes that it is not only important to assess students’ progress and focus on where they individually need be, in order to fulfil their personal goals. It is also important to her, to continue to develop as an online piano and theory teacher.
For younger students, Jessica maintains the fun and enjoyment of learning, essential for making good progress, by incorporating games and activities into her lessons.
“When you learn the piano, or any instrument for that matter, you don’t simply learn how to play that instrument. You learn a lot about yourself and will grow in so many ways,” Jessica says, “learning an instrument also provides so many fundamental life lessons.”

Lesson notes

Jessica’s experience and expertise, like all of our teachers, means that she is able to carefully monitor and record students’ progress. After every lesson, detailed lesson notes are emailed to students. As a result, strengths and weaknesses are covered. Thus students can focus their practise between lessons.

“Jess is a fantastic teacher! Her lessons are focused around my daughter’s needs and she can very quickly identify areas for improvement and development. Her lesson notes are superb – detailed to enable quick progress. She even includes extra ‘homework’ related to particular skills that need to be developed.
My daughter absolutely loves her lessons with Jess and I would highly recommend her! “

Amy Gallacher – England
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