How To Teach Online

We teach teachers how to teach online

We teach teachers how to teach online - Music Lessons Anywhere


You’re a great teacher
teaching your music passion –


Open your catchment and take it to the world!

However, this can be daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with which is the best technology to use, or the many details that need to be considered. There are also some crucial differences from teaching face-to-face.
We don’t teach you how to teach music, you’re already an expert with your own teaching methods. We teach you how to bring your skills to the world, by teaching you how to teach online.
This is where our bespoke course, specifically designed for how you personally deliver lessons as a music teacher wishing to take your music teaching online, comes in.


Our ‘Training Teachers How To Teach Online’ Course

You will be provided hands on experience and practical guidance, enabling you to deliver great online lessons with confidence.

Our course will provide you with:

  • Free: An initial meeting with Tracy Rose (head of Music Lessons Anywhere and course leader) to assess your specific needs.

  • A demonstration of how an online lesson works, including a training session geared around your teaching/studio.

  • You observe a live online lesson. Sit in to watch an experienced online teacher conduct an online lesson.

  • Q&A: Ask any questions you might have about any aspect of live online teaching.

  • An online lesson which you deliver, with one of our online students. Tracy in observation for assessment and written report.

  • A follow up meeting with Tracy for feedback and discussion.

  • A certificate of completion of the Training Teachers How To Teach Online Course.

Details of all the elements which you will receive, in each of these modules, will be provided after your free initial meeting with Tracy.

This course will give you the confidence to grow your global, online teaching business!


Tracy Rose teaching teachers how to teach online - Music Lessons Anywhere

If you would like to meet me live online for a chat about our tuition enabling teachers how to teach online, please use the contact form here, or email me, Tracy Rose:

The completion the modules of our Training Teachers How To Teach Online Course usually spans 10 days and the cost for the complete course is £200.