Group Piano Lessons Live Online

Our group piano lessons take the same format as our one-to-one online piano lessons, but can be taken with a friend or in a group. You don’t need to be in same room or even the same country to share a lesson!

A group piano lesson live online, with students in different locations
A group piano lesson live online, with students in different locations

Whatever your lesson needs may be, we can fulfill them. Please contact me and ask.

“I’d been searching for Skype lessons in everything for my daughter, Emily, for several years… isolated on a Pacific island as we were. When I finally found Tracy, I could see immediately that she was just what I was looking for. Now living in SE England, price played a big part and hers were competitive. Once we got into the lessons, I realised that it wasn’t just a Skype piano course we’d found, but a superb teacher, a fantastic service and Emily thrilled with the lessons and her progress.Thanks Tracy.”Paul Mc Farling, Galapagos Islands / UK

Practical lessons in playing can include music theory. Blocks of lessons can be structured into complete courses to attain ABRSM or Rock School exams. They can be top up lessons, crash courses, theory cramming, or just for fun!
For ages six to seniors, for fun or to take ABRSM exams, ask a friend, friends or relative to join you for lessons.
Using Google Hangouts or Skype to connect us all together, it’s easy to share lessons!
Group lessons are especially good for beginners because it’s easy to find someone at that same level when you’re just starting out.
After every lesson we email all students lesson notes. These cover everything that was done in the lesson so you can revise and easily see what you need to work on and track your progress:
Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons online notes example   Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons live online student with lesson notes
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Group lessons are less expensive than one-to-one lessons because the cost is £42 for an hour shared by two students or £52.50 for an hour shared by 3 to 5 students (maximum 5 students to a group lesson), so with just two of you sharing a lesson, the cost for each is less than a one-to-one lesson.


Live online music lessons meet Tracy Rose

Meet me online for a chat about what you want from your group piano lessons. Tap here!
Tracy Rose
  Head of Music Lessons Anywhere

Available free of charge to all our students, are our Workshops. Details of Workshops are published on the Free Workshops page. They cover many topics such as music theory (particularly popular before exams), improving aural skills, get togethers where students can play their pieces to each other all over the world, and the ever popular Music Bingo!
An online piano workshop
A free online piano Workshop involving five students and two teachers, spanning two continents