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It’s not just about music lessons!


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Music is fun, especially when you’re learning with others, wherever you are in the world!

Your Workshops are amazing! What’s really special are the Workshops. They create a sense that we belong to a music school, where students of all ages can participate.”Lizzy Hogg, Thailand
More reviews of our online music lessons are here



Upcoming free online music Workshops

Please note some Workshops are subject to numbers and need an attendance of a minimum of 3 students to run. If you cannot attend a Workshop for which you have already booked, please let Tracy know in good time.
If you would like to request a theme for a Workshop, please feel free to contact Tracy.


ABRSM Theory Club

Every Friday

Skype theory lessons online - Music Lessons Anywhere
Alternating Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-5. Improve your theory knowledge and work through exam questions.
This is a good opportunity to work through ABRSM Theory questions with Tracy. You can simply brush up your theory knowledge or work towards the exams. Suitable for students with basic theory knowledge to students working towards these early ABRSM Grades.

“I had a very unique experience talking to students around the world. I am definitely looking forward to the next Theory Club. I was hoping the club would last longer when everybody said ‘bye’.”
Vishan – India


Aural Workshop

Every Saturday

Skype aural lessons online - Music Lessons Anywhere
For beginner to intermediate levels. These regular Workshops include all kinds of listening skills. We can also cover aural exercises from a variety of exam boards.
Tracy covers what you want to practise, providing a chance for exam students to try out aural exercises before the exam. If you are not an exam student but would like to try out any of the Aural Workshops, ask your teacher what Grade/Level Workshop would be suitable for you. Listening skills are at the heart of all good music-making. Developing aural awareness is fundamental to musical training, because having a ‘musical ear’ impacts on all aspects of musicianship.


“This step ahead lesson was great, the girls loved it and having classmates taking the same lesson with them while they are sitting in another continent was exciting. Even more it was as good as having a real class and teacher in front of them if not better, the girls progress and grades just proves that.”
Mona – Spain


Stephie’s Live Online Performance Workshop

Saturday 14th December 2019 at 5.30pm GMT/UTC
Live online Performance Practise Workshop Music Lessons Anywhere
All students are welcome to participate in the Workshop.
Or sit in watch, wherever you are in the world!
The theme for this Workshop is:

  • Pulse
  • Counting
  • Rhythm

Participants can present:
Scale (major or minor) of choice RH & LH descending & ascending

Broken Chords (major or minor) of choice RH & LH descending & ascending

  • A piece (complete or a section of)
  • by memory or from the score
  • LH by memory to test strengths in the area of memory

You may also just want to listen to other participants. Come along and be our audience! 
If a participant wishes to attend the Workshop yet finds the date/hour unsuitable, please email Tracy suggesting other dates/hours. 



Special Workshops

Please let Tracy know if you would like to join any of these ‘Special Workshops’. Please also let us know your availability and we’ll try our best to arrange a time for these Workshops at a time when you can all attend.

Carol’s Vocal Bootcamp!

Carol Hodge Online Vocal Bootcamp Workshop - Music Lessons Anywhere
Learn how to improve your vocal technique and realise your singing potential. Open to everyone, no previous experience needed!

Stephie’s Online Performance Practise Workshops

Live online Performance Practise Workshop Music Lessons Anywhere
You’re invited to watch and meet students from around the world perform, or join in and play in Stephie’s special event.
Stephie has been running these popular Practice Performance Workshops since 2017! They have been so successful, they are now held at almost every month.
Tracy may be running a Performance Workshop for Grades 4, 5 and 6 at a different time to Stephie’s, to allow students to attend who are unable to attend Stephie’s Performance Workshops because of time zone differences.
These Workshops are perfect if you have a completed piece you would like to perform, or have an exam or a concert coming up.


Online Musical Get-Togethers

Free for all students.


These online music events make learning music so much fun. Students can play for each other, compare notes and swap ideas. Music is at the core of these events but they’re also about meeting other students and socialising.
We have had several Musical Get-Together in the form of a Theory Fun Club Musical Bingo sessions! They are such a fun way for students to learn music theory and so popular, we stage Musical Bingo frequently!



Online Practise Partners

Free for all students.
Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons live online Practise Partners
Team up with other students online to practise your pieces together. This is also a great opportunity for anyone taking piano exams to be able to get used to playing in front of someone else before the exam.


Online Music Masterclasses

Free for all students.

Music Lessons Anywhere live piano lessons online - Tracy Rose

These online music events focus on one component of exam music in detail. For example, eight Music Lessons Anywhere students are playing Minuet and Trio for their Grade 6 Exam, so a Masterclass is a great opportunity for them all to meet online from wherever they are in the world. While connected, they can discuss practice tips, analyse the music in detail, talk about the composer, and play the piece for each other.

“The Sight Reading Workshop was extremely helpful and I learnt a lot from it. I definitely gained experience and confidence from the well taught sight reading lesson. I would recommend this to anyone with an exam coming up or anyone who just needs help.”
Megan – Music Lessons Anywhere online violin student, Qatar



Annual Online Concert

Free for all students.

Every year, we bring everyone together for the biggest Music Lessons Anywhere event – the annual student online concert.
The online concert is webcast live on Youtube so anyone, anywhere in the world can watch this online music event as it happens.
A video of the live Youtube stream of the 2019 online Annual Concert:

Any of our online music students from around the world can perform in the concert.

Music Lessons Anywhere Annual Concert Programme 2019 Spring concert 2014, piano lessons online Sur In English - Music Lessons Anywhere online piano concert
More about our annual live online music concerts here.
More videos of the concerts can be viewed on my Youtube channel.