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Music is fun, especially when learning with others!


Your Workshops are amazing! They create a sense that we belong to a music school, where students of all ages can participate.”
Lizzy Hogg, Thailand
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Regular Online Music Workshops


Theory Club Workshops – Adult Beginner

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Every Tuesday at 9.50am GMT/UTC
Skype Music Theory Club Workshops live online adults - Music Lessons Anywhere
Improve your theory knowledge and work through exam questions.
This is a good opportunity to work through ABRSM Theory questions with Tracy. You can simply brush up your theory knowledge or work towards the exams. Suitable for students with basic theory knowledge to students working towards these early ABRSM Grades.

“I had a very unique experience talking to students around the world. I am definitely looking forward to the next Theory Club!
Vishan – India
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Grade 5 Theory Revision Club

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Monthly on varying days at different times
Free Live Online Grade 5-Theory Revision Club - Music Lessons Anywhere
For students sitting the ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exam but open to anyone wanting to brush up on their music theory. Check out our Fast Track Grade 5 Theory Lessons here too!

Music Lessons Anywhere Orchestra

Hosted by Kelsey Rogers
Every other Wednesday at 11.30am GMT/UTC
Live online orchestra with Music Lessons Anywhere Review live online orchestra meeting - Music Lessons Anywhere
Play with others from around the world!
Kelsey will show you how to record yourself playing your instrument, so you can contribute to building the orchestra and orchestral music.
Kelsey will enable you:

  • to play more effectively together with others.
  • to use effectively the basics of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
  • to follow a conductor.
  • to understand rhythm and phrasing.
  • to develop the perspective that your playing is an important part, along with other students around the world, who make up the whole orchestra!


Kids Music Theory Club

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Every Saturday at 12.10pm GMT/UTC
Kids Music Online Theory Club
This live online workshop is suitable for ages up to 14 years, with a basic knowledge of theory.
In the club, we work through worksheets and past ABRSM and Trinity exam papers, progressing through the Grades. The focus will be fun and include working with music apps, fun worksheets, quizzes and games ‘Music Bingo’, ‘Beat the Teacher’ and ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’! 


Thank you so much for inviting my son to the workshop. He enjoyed it more than he expected. It was fun, light and very beneficial. I think it will help him advance in areas he needs to. ”
Aziza Chedrawi, Saudi Arabia
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Practical Musicianship

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Every Saturday at 12.45pm GMT/UTC
Practical Musicianship live online Workshop
For beginners, this Workshop is designed to develop students’ understanding of music, which helps to enhance playing and improves performance. Musicianship is a combination of theory and aural skills. Enjoy expanding music skills with others in a group setting!


Aural Workshops

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Every Saturday at 1.20pm GMT/UTC
Free live online ABRSM Aural Workshops - Music Lessons Anywhere
For beginner to intermediate levels. These regular Workshops include all kinds of listening skills. We can also cover aural exercises from a variety of exam boards.
Tracy covers what you want to practise, providing a chance for exam students to try out aural exercises before the exam. If you are not an exam student but would like to try out any of the Aural Workshops, ask your teacher what Grade/Level Workshop would be suitable for you. Listening skills are at the heart of all good music-making. Developing aural awareness is fundamental to musical training, because having a ‘musical ear’ impacts on all aspects of musicianship.


The girls loved it and having classmates taking the same lesson with them while they are sitting in another continent was exciting. It was as good as having a teacher in front of them in class, if not better, the girls progress and grades just proves that.”
Mona – Spain
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Kids Composing Club

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Every first Sunday of the month at 1pm GMT/UTC
Free Skype Composing Workshops online - Music Lessons Anywhere
Learn how to create melodies and use chords.
Great for anyone entering our Composing Competition!
Here’s a video recording from one of our Composing Workshops:


Meet the Composers Workshop

Hosted by Liz Bux
Every first Sunday of the month at 4.30pm GMT/UTC
Live online meet the composers Ennio Morricone workshop hosted by Music Lessons Anywhere Live online meet the composers workshop - Music Lessons Anywhere
Join music students from around the world to listen to Liz play lots of classics on her violin. She will talk to you about who composed them. Discover amazing things about our great composers!


Performance Club

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Every first Saturday or Sunday of the month
Times vary to include all time zones

Live online music Performance Club Workshop Live online Performance Club at Music Lessons Anywhere
Suitable for beginners to intermediate levels.
Meet some of our other music students, live on Zoom and play your favourite pieces. All instruments and voices welcome!
Each student who performs, can invite one or a maximum of two others to watch. Send Tracy their email addresses and she will send them an invite, along with guidelines about attending our Workshops. Your guests can be friends or family members, wherever they are in the world!
If you are an Intermediate to advanced level student, please don’t forget to join the monthly Performance Practice Workshops hosted by Stephie.


Stephie’s Online Performance Practise Workshop

Hosted by Stephie Koulouris
Friday 24th September at 5pm BST (UTC+1)
Live online Practise Performance Workshop online piano performance

Performance is an important part of any music education. These Workshops provide that experience and enable students to learn and gain insights into performance technique.
Students are invited to watch and meet students from around the world sit in, or join in and play in these special events.
Stephie has been running these popular Practice Performance Workshops since 2017! They have been so successful, they are now held every month.
These Workshops are perfect if you have a completed piece you would like to perform, or have an exam or a concert coming up.


Form & Analysis Workshop

Hosted by Stephie Koulouris
Every other Monday at 10am GMT/UTC
Live online music form and analysis workshop
In this series of Workshops, we develop key skills in the understanding of musical, structural, contextual elements as well as in the use of musical terminology.
Selections from genres/styles such as Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary and World Music are studied and guidelines regarding the approach to reading and understanding the score/music through harmonic analysis (key signature, harmonic progressions, scale degrees, roman numerals, modulations, cadences etc), structural analysis (motis, 2-bar phrases, 4-bar phrases, sections, form etc) and contextual analysis (time-band, genre, stylistic features, composer, composer’s life, composer’s influences, contemporaries etc) are provided.
This Workshop is particularly useful for anyone working towards GCSE or A level music, IB a higher ABRSM Grade or enabling the understanding of music and how to describe it.

Ensemble Club

This is a paid Workshop
Hosted by Kelsey Rogers
Weekly 30 minute sessions every Monday and Wednesday
Live Online Music Ensemble Club Workshop
Playing in an ensemble is fun! It’s great to get together with other students to learn and experience playing in a group, outside of regular one-to-one lessons.
In each group there is a maximum of 5 students. All instruments at all levels are accommodated.
The ensembles are led by Kelsey Joanne Rogers, multi-instrumentalist, music technician and experienced conductor. She has directed orchestras both online and and locally. Kelsey hosted our online Orchestra Workshops which we held during the summer months last year.
The cost is £64 (GB Pounds) for eight weekly 30 minute sessions.
If you would like to join the Ensemble Club, please contact Tracy here now.

Group Composing Lessons

This is a paid Workshop
Hosted by Kelsey Rogers
Weekly 30 minute sessions every Monday and Tuesday
Zoom group composing lessons online
Enjoy expanding music skills with others in a group setting!
In each group there is a maximum of 5 students. All instruments at all levels are accommodated.
If you have always wanted to compose your own music and don’t know where to start, join Kelsey for her new group composing lessons. You will learn lots of ways to compose, leading to mixing and mastering your own music.
The cost is £64 (GB Pounds) for eight weekly 30 minute sessions.
If you would like to join the Group Composing Lessons, please contact Tracy here now.

Solfege Course (now regular weekly lessons)

Hosted by Stephie Koulouris
After the success of the intensive Solfege Course…
We run regular weekly live online Solfege lessons
Zoom solfege lessons online
Why learn Solfege?

  • Solfege helps you recognize recurring patterns in music.
  • Solfege improves sight-singing & sight-reading skills.
  • Solfege supports music transcription & composition.
  • Solfege helps you learn relative pitch and recall of melodies at will.

Through Solfege, you learn to read music in all clefs, effortlessly.
You learn to vocalize notes from simple major and minor scales, identifying relationships between these notes, while understanding and recognizing patterns.
Suitable for all ages at any level.
If you would like to join the live online Solfege lessons over Zoom, please contact Tracy here now. There is a small fee for these online lessons.


Upcoming Special Music Workshops


Grade 5 Terms, Signs & Instruments of the Orchestra Workshop

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Next date to be confirmed. Held before Grade 5 Theory Exam dates.
Free Live Online Grade 5 Terms, signs and instruments of the orchestra workshop - Music Lessons Anywhere
For our students sitting the ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exam and open to anyone wanting to brush up on their music theory. This Workshop is held before the exam date. Tracy hosts a monthly online Grade 5 Theory Revision Club. Check out our Fast Track Grade 5 Theory Lessons here too!
This is a student get-together as a fun way of revising Grade 5 terms, signs and instruments of the orchestra. Work together to complete a ‘Word Search’ challenge and play a musical game of ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire’!


Music Psychology and Perception Workshops

Hosted by Steph Acaster
Music Psychology and Perception Worksop live online - Music Lessons Anywhere
What Does Music Do To The Brain?
Sunday 10th October at 4pm
In this Workshop, we will be examining brain scan images associated with music listening and musical training/expertise.
Synaesthesia: Does that chord sound green to you?
Sunday 28th November at 10am
Exploring the associations that some people experience when listening to music. These can be perceptions that belong to different senses. Certain aspects of music may felt as an emotion, perceived as a colour, a shape, or even a taste!
Your host, Steph Acaster, is one of our students taking theory lessons with Stephie.
The first Workshop explored the physical/biological approach to how people actually hear sounds and music, or relate perception/cognition in the brain with music/theory. We also touched on music performance psychology, a large area to explore.
In the second session we discussed personality factors (and other factors) that influence our musical preferences, including music that we play, listen to, and use as ‘background’ sound.
The third session focussed on flow and self-actualisation.
The fourth session explored ‘muscle memory’ and practise habits. This was highly relevant to all music students.
Steph will continue with more online Workshops for music discussion group meetings, focusing on Music Psychology & Perception.
The last session was about ‘earworms’, those songs or parts of songs that go around and around in our heads, and how and why we get them… and how to get rid of them too!
These Workshops are open to all of our students, their guests and also our teachers.
Steph is currently working as an online tutor in Psychology and Maths. Over the last 5 years, she has completed a Psychology-based PhD, specialising in visual perception research. During this time, Steph also began to study music, reaching Grade 7 in violin and Grade 8 in music theory. These two interests have led to her developing a curiosity in the perception and psychological experiences associated with music.

Noteflight Demo

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Next date to be confirmed
Live online Noteflight Workshop - Music Lessons Anywhere
This workshop will give you some insight into how effective Noteflight can be for composing music. You will learn some useful shortcut keys and together we will transcribe a short piece of music. Noteflight is one of the apps included in the Musicfirst suite of apps. This demonstration is great if you already have a subscription or thinking of subscribing. Subscriptions can be purchased directly from us.


MusicFirst Webinar

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Next date to be confirmed
Musicfirst demonstration at Music Lessons Anywhere
Join Tracy for a live online demonstration of Musicfirst, the comprehensive suite of apps for music education. After the demo, Tracy will answer any of your Musicfirst questions. This demonstration is great if you already have a subscription or thinking of subscribing. Subscriptions can be purchased directly from us.


Music Exam Board Webinar

Hosted by Tracy Rose
Next date to be confirmed
Free live online music exam board webinar
Tracy will guide you through all of the best instrumental music exam boards available. She will talk about all the exam boards available and what’s involved in taking exams with each one. We will look at the syllabuses for ABRSM, Trinity, MTB, RCM, RSL and Con Brio Exam Boards.



Special Online Music Workshops

Please let Tracy know if you would like to join any of these ‘Special Workshops’. Please also let us know your availability and we’ll try our best to arrange a time for these Workshops at a time when you can all attend.

Carol’s Vocal Bootcamp!

Carol Hodge Online Vocal Bootcamp Workshop - Music Lessons Anywhere
Here’re some video clips from Carol’s Vocal Bootcamp for beginners:

Learn how to improve your vocal technique and realise your singing potential. Open to everyone, no previous experience needed!

Online Musical Get-Togethers

Free for all students.


These online music events make learning music so much fun. Students can play for each other, compare notes and swap ideas. Music is at the core of these events but they’re also about meeting other students and socialising.
We have had several Musical Get-Together in the form of a Theory Fun Club Musical Bingo sessions! They are such a fun way for students to learn music theory and so popular, we stage Musical Bingo frequently!



Online Practise Partners

Free for all students.
Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons live online Practise Partners
Team up with other students online to practise your pieces together. This is also a great opportunity for anyone taking piano exams to be able to get used to playing in front of someone else before the exam.


Online Music Masterclasses

Free for all students.

Music Lessons Anywhere live piano lessons online - Tracy Rose

These online music events focus on one component of exam music in detail. For example, eight Music Lessons Anywhere students are playing Minuet and Trio for their Grade 6 Exam, so a Masterclass is a great opportunity for them all to meet online from wherever they are in the world. While connected, they can discuss practice tips, analyse the music in detail, talk about the composer, and play the piece for each other.

“The Sight Reading Workshop was extremely helpful and I learnt a lot from it. I definitely gained experience and confidence from the well taught sight reading lesson. I would recommend this to anyone with an exam coming up or anyone who just needs help.”
Megan, Qatar
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Annual Online Concert

Free for all students, we now run a series of live online concerts every month in our ‘Performance Club Workshops

Every year from 2014 to 2019, we brought everyone together for the biggest Music Lessons Anywhere event – the annual student online concert.
The online concert was webcast live on Youtube so anyone, anywhere in the world can watch this online music event as it happens.
A video of the live Youtube stream of the 2019 online Annual Concert:

Any of our online music students from around the world performed in the concert.

Music Lessons Anywhere Annual Concert Programme 2019 Spring concert 2014, piano lessons online Sur In English - Music Lessons Anywhere online piano concert
More about our annual live online music concerts here.
More videos of the concerts can be viewed on my Youtube channel.