Our Online Music Lessons FAQ

What ages do you teach and at what skill levels?

Ages from 6 year olds to seniors, at all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced players.
Young children can be accompanied by an adult during lessons.
For students wishing to take exams, we teach entry level to Grade 8 and beyond with diploma levels. We even teach piano and music teachers!

What is the minimum number of lessons I can have?

You can have just one lesson or as many lessons as you want, as frequently as you want.
Most students take regular weekly lessons of 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute lessons, but I strive to accommodate whatever students may need.
Helping students to learn, is the most important aspect of teaching for me. Whatever your music lesson needs may be, I can fulfil them. Practical lessons in playing can include music theory. Blocks of lessons can be structured into complete courses to attain ABRSM, Trinity, Con Brio (online) or MTB (online) exams.
We are a registered MTB Exam Centre so you can take MTB exams online, in your own home, wherever you are in the world. They can be top up lessons, crash courses, theory cramming, or just for fun… just ask!
Fill in the enquiry form on the Contact page to let us know what you need.

What happens after I make an enquiry?

After you send an enquiry via email or the form on the Contact page, I will get back to you by email to arrange a convenient time to meet for a chat over Zoom or Skype.
We will discuss what lessons you want, what playing level you’re at, what you need and I will answer any questions you may have.
We will also arrange a convenient time for your lesson/s.

What equipment do I need?


  • For a chat over Zoom or Skype, you will need a computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • If you wish to try instrumental lessons but don’t yet have an instrument, you could borrow an instrument for the trial lesson, before committing yourself to buying one.
  • Thereafter, I can advise you what and where to buy your instrument if you need help.


How do I set up my your computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone?

Simply position your laptop, tablet or smartphone so it shows a clear view of you with your instrument and your hands (for instrumental lessons). You should position your your laptop, tablet or smartphone so you can comfortably and clearly see the screen too.

What type of internet connection do I need?

You don’t need to worry about connection speed. These days, even slow broadband connections are sufficient and since we will meet over Zoom or Skype before lessons are arranged, we will be able to see if your connection is good enough at that time anyway.

How do I pay for lessons?

Payments are made securely online, with a credit or debit card, though a secure payment gateway in our payment page. Batches of four lessons have a discount on single lessons.

What are lesson notes and what materials do I need?

After every lesson we provide detailed lesson notes, sent to you by email.
Lesson notes summarise what was covered during your lesson. It highlights strengths and weaknesses, details what you need to focus on and how to practise, and provides many other suggestions for your work between lessons. Lesson notes also provide a great way to track your progress.
Music Lessons Anywhere piano lessons online notes example An example of lesson notes, click image for larger view

If you want to learn or need help with a specific piece of music, let us know before your lesson so we can source the manuscript.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions, you can use the form in the Contact Page or .