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Dominique’s background

Dominique grew up in Poland and at the age of 12-years-old moved to the UK to follow her music studies. Since graduating in 2019, she devotes her time solely to teaching and performing.
Dominique first began learning piano at the age of five. She took up the violin when starting primary music school in her hometown. Consequently, Dominique soon realised that music was her passion. She pursued this passion in the UK, entering the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
At the age of 16, she began her A-Level studies at the Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester, England, which later allowed her to progress to a Bachelor Of Arts Course and finally a Masters Degree at the Royal College of Music.

“I enjoyed my time with with instructor Dominique, she was very helpful always there for you, listens to everything you need and just a joy to learn from, I would highly recommend her!”
Mazen Jaroudi, Saudi Arabia, online piano lessons
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Dominique’s own music

Dominique enjoys discovering and playing in a variety of genres.
She performs in classical ensembles, jazz bands, gigs with folk groups and experimental art exhibitions, as well as recording the music of upcoming composers and colleagues.
In her spare time, Dominique likes to compose her own short pieces for violin and piano.


About Dominique’s online piano and theory teaching

Dominique teaches violin, piano and music theory online. She is experienced in exam preparation across all grades and enjoys working with different ages and abilities.
She believes that each lesson offers a unique aspect of how music is perceived and learned, therefore each lesson is unique and naturally tailored to each student’s needs.
Dominique with online piano student at Music Lessons Anywhere
Dominique (on screen) with online piano student Ralph, in Saudi Arabia

Her approach to teaching reflects the ways in which she was taught as a student; being eager to learn, attention to detail and keeping an open mind. When introducing new techniques, she believes it is essential to allow students to progress in their own time. She says, “Students need to understand how to execute a technique to progress, not just to play mechanically without thought, so I always explain the reason behind it.”
She strongly believes that no question is too small to ask!

“My son had lessons with Dominique for Grade 5 Theory. Just received results and passed with distinction. I couldn’t recommend highly enough! Many thanks especially to Dominique for her kind gentle teaching style and endless patience!”
Ceara Devine, Northern Ireland
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Lesson notes

Dominique’s experience and expertise, like all of our teachers, means that she is able to carefully monitor and record students’ progress. After every lesson, detailed lesson notes are emailed to students. As a result, strengths and weaknesses are covered. Thus students can focus their practise between lessons.

“As soon as we closed Zoom, Poppy ran around the house shouting ‘I loved that lesson!!!’… I think 30mins went well!”
Charlotte Tompkins – Poppy’s mum, England
Poppy is 5 years old, she is Dominique’s youngest online piano student. Poppy took a few 15 minute lessons with Dominique, before switching to taking 30 minute lessons.
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