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David MacGregor teaches guitar with Music Lessons Anywhere from beginner to advanced levels and has over 16 years of experience teaching his instrument.
He is also a touring world jazz guitarist, composer, recording artist and music educator.

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“Our son Tom joined the Music Lessons Anywhere
family (it really feels like a family) taking Skype live online guitar lessons with David. The warmth, enthusiasm and encouragement that Tom gets from David are absolutely something I see from all the teachers who join the team! A lovely, professional bunch of
teachers and musicians who obviously love doing what they do.”
Doular Hagar, Spain

Originally from Scotland, David now travels the world performing solo concerts and collaborating with world-renowned musicians as well as giving Master Classes, Workshops and teaching guitar online.
He has always really enjoyed teaching, especially one to one lessons and as his touring career has evolved he had found online lessons to be the best way to continue to take on pupils.

Throughout his guitar career, he has played many different styles of music including jazz, rock and heavy metal, blues, folk, traditional Scottish music, reggae, country and classical.
His approach is to find out what inspires you and to guide you on a fun yet efficient path to get the most out of your lessons.
As well as providing Skype live online guitar lessons, David can also offer aspiring professional musicians advice on working within the music industry. He can help you with your compositions, arranging and music theory, as well as advise on how to put together a great live performance.


Music Lessons Anywhere Skype guitar lessons online Festival de Jazz de Polanco
Online guitar tutor David MacGregor playing at the Festival de Jazz de Polanco

“I’ve been having guitar lessons with David for a year now, and my guitar playing, music knowledge and appreciation has improved significantly. I feel very lucky to have met David, he’s a great person and the greatest teacher.”Alan Shehoah, Mexico City, Mexico


Try free Skype live online guitar lessons


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