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Online composition teacher, piano, songwriting and singing teacher


Alex Stokes zoom live online piano and singing teacher


Alex’s background

Alex is from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Thanks to his parents, he began his studies in classical piano when he was four years old. His love for music is engrained in his soul.
Alex has always wanted to share his talents with others, much like his parents gave to him.

“My live online piano lessons with Alex are great. It’s amazing how quickly half an hour flies by when I’m enjoying it – never said that before!”
Mairi Gordon – Scotland
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“Absolutely amazing programme and lessons. My online singing lessons with Alex have given me confidence in singing, developed my voice and reading notes in no time. Anyone at any level can benefit from these lessons!”
Inessa Dvizova – England
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Graduating from Georgia State University, Alex completed a Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Studies in Media Entrepreneurship focusing on Music Technology.

Alex’s own music

Alex has performed at the 20th Annual Ultra Music Festival with live act ‘Kevens‘ and resides as the band’s professional touring keyboardist.
Alex Stokes keyboard player Kevens
Alex performing with band ‘Kevens’

Even before his formal education in music, straight from school, Alex started a progressive, ambient rock band and toured the United States for seven years. The band completed two full length studio albums.
An accomplished vocalist, Alex has been singing all his life, recently releasing his first solo album.
Alex hosts a monthly radio show, DreamChaser Radio, DJ-ing on the leading worldwide Electronic Music Internet Radio Broadcast, AfterHours FM, featuring the best in progressive dance music.
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About Alex’s teaching

Alex has a deep passion for all genres of music and understands the strategies that are required.
Whether you are looking to perfect your skills or you are just getting started, Alex can provide you with the expert tuition for you individual needs.

online piano and singing lessons with Alex at Music Lessons Anywhere


“You taught me about my position, my vocal warm ups, my breathing skills, and my voice. You’ve helped me a lot during these classes! I loved how you give vocal strategies, you are a great teacher.”
Naya Gill – USA
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Alex says, “I cannot imagine life without music and sharing my passions and expertise with my students. This is where my heart is in teaching.”
He believes that, “One of the most important things to pass onto our generations and the next, is the love and understanding of music.”

“Music has the power to build strong personal character skills and the power to unite complete strangers. With the right foundation and instructor, I know music can be played and enjoyed by all,” he says.

“Everyone is really friendly and most importantly my online piano teacher Alex, has made the whole experience really fun! I feel like we have been playing “real” music right from the start. I never thought I would make so much progress in such a short time. Highly recommended!”
Marta Dados – Switzerland
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Lesson notes

Alex’s experience and expertise, like all of our teachers, means that he is able to carefully monitor and record students’ progress. After every lesson, detailed lesson notes are emailed to students. As a result, strengths and weaknesses are covered. Thus students can focus their practise between lessons.

“I’ve been looking for a while for flexible, online singing lessons with Music Lessons Anywhere are the perfect fit! Alex is a great vocal teacher, with the perfect mix of theory and practice on every lesson. I’d highly recommend if you want to be an all round better musician and singer :)”
Nikola Hughes – Singapore
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