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About Piano & Music Lessons Online

About Piano Lessons Online & Music Lessons Online


Piano lessons online and music lessons online are just like regular one-to-one lessons, face-to-face with a teacher, except with Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime, the teacher and student are face-to-face through online video calls.

“I have been taking lessons from Tracy for just a few weeks after trying unsuccessfully to find a teacher locally. Initially I was very sceptical about how successful piano lessons via Skype would be, I shouldn’t have worried, I continue to be amazed at just how well it works.” Val, Calpe, Spain

Students who have had piano and keyboard lessons from me (Tracy Rose ALCM) locally and who have switched to piano lessons online for convenience, have commented that piano lessons online are no different. In fact some have even said they prefer them as they have noticed they are more attentive and learn faster this way. Other students have found the same with our other online music lessons.

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After you send in the Enquiry Form I will get back to you by email and arrange a time to meet over a Skype video call for a free introductory chat. You can ask me whatever questions you may have about piano lessons or other music lessons at the online music school and if you’d like to take a free trial lesson, I can see what level you’re at and what lessons & schedule you may need.


Although the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page answers several common questions, any further questions you may still have, I can answer during the free chat.


Once your lesson or schedule of lessons has been arranged, you will simply need to set up your laptop, webcam or iPad, so you can be clearly seen and heard.


All the information you need about how to use Skype, Google Hangouts and Facetime can be found at the respective websites.