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Zoom or Skype piano lessons online - Music Lessons Anywhere
Live online music lessons over Zoom or Skype - Music Lessons Anywhere
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Zoom or Skype Sibelius lessons online
Zoom or Skype piano lessons online
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Skype piano lessons online - Music Lessons Anywhere
Live online music lessons - Music Lessons Anywhere
Skype theory lessons live online
Live Skype Sibelius lessons online - Music Lessons Anywhere
Skype piano lessons live online
Skype clarinet lessons online live
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We teach children and adults of all ages.
Absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced levels, including Diplomas and beyond.
We even teach music teachers!


Based on 97 reviews.
DrJF Cockburn
DrJF Cockburn
May 13, 2022.
Kelsey is fabulous: she helped me negotiate the total chaos of the introduction of the Mac M1 chip on NI Komplete and Cubase 12 on my system. Then she taught me all of the Cubase stuff I failed to teach myself in the last 10 years of trying. Thank you Kelsey! I can’t recommend you too highly.
Rachel Yim
Rachel Yim
May 8, 2022.
Madelaine Smith
Madelaine Smith
May 6, 2022.
Amazing organisation and amazing value. I started weekly on line piano lessons with them three years ago and have passed my exams with distinction. What has really helped my progress, in addition to the highest quality tutor, are the regular, FREE, live workshops. For example: Aural, Theory, Analysis and Performance Workshops to name but a few. From this I am receiving an all round musical education alongside my piano lessons. Thank you Music Lessons Anywhere. I highly recommend.
Mary Salama
Mary Salama
April 19, 2022.
Do not delay - click and contact this brilliant service. My children and I have made more progress in the last 2 weeks of focused teaching than we had on our own in the last year. Passing grade 4 now and hoping to get to a grade 5 distinction in the next month or so..
Jacqui Reid
Jacqui Reid
April 1, 2022.
Highly recommended - Tracy has been fantastic helping my son with Grade 5 theory.
Yael Eylat-Tanaka
Yael Eylat-Tanaka
March 12, 2022.
I love these sessions of aural exercises, that combine listening and interpreting music, learning about chords and their musical names, then studying/reviewing them with the score itself. These lessons provide several layers of understanding, incorporating the many levels of musicality. Tracy is incredibly patient and lovely to listen to, as she presents several passes at a given melody, and keeps us on our toes as we grapple with answers that may not be so easy. In other words, this is no kindergarten; it is a great brain workout. And lest one overlook this crucial fact, these sessions are free! Thank you for your generosity, Tracy.
Urszula Sworzeniowska
Urszula Sworzeniowska
March 8, 2022.
I'm delighted that I decided to start learning the piano. I have a great teacher Alex, who plans my lessons and "homework" perfectly. That's the reason why I really enjoy practicing every day: I can see the progress and results of my effort. Alex and I have great fun with games! All small achievements built my confidance very much. I share about my new hobby with all my friends around. Small steps but great fun on the base of regular practice in the right environment. Great school with fantastic teachers! Thanks Alex!
Elanor Gill
Elanor Gill
November 22, 2021.
Tracy has been totally fantastic - taking my daughter from the start of grade 3 theory to taking her grade 5 exam in about 9 months. My daughter really didn't like theory at all previously and it had alway been a battle ground for us, but Tracy found a way to make the lessons fun and engage my daughter each week despite her reluctance! I would strongly recommend using music lessons anywhere, and Tracy in particular, for anyone looking to progress quickly and enjoyably through music theory exams.
Mansi Shah
Mansi Shah
November 10, 2021.
We found Tracy quite late on our theory journey and wished we had found her sooner. Her teaching shows excellent knowledge of the theory exam and she has a clear teaching path to the exam. She is a lovely natured lady and my girls took to her instantly. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for theory support. We wish we hadn't wasted so much time before finding her. She has been excellent
Tania Tasopoulou
Tania Tasopoulou
October 29, 2021.
Mr. Alex is a great teacher! My son really enjoys his piano lessons, he is learning a lot in a fun and engaging way. My son just completed his first ABRSM exam with Distinction. Going through the preparation for the exams was not stressful at all for him and I think this is because of Mr. Alex's style of teaching which is calm and very effective. I also find very easy the collaboration with Music Lessons Anywhere. Tracy makes sure that all the students have access to a number of workshops that will help them grow as musicians. For me Music Lessons Anywhere was a great find and I am so grateful that we can have the best teachers regardless of where we stay in the world. Thank you Alex and Tracy!

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Here’s a video all about our live online music lessons:


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Live online music lessons



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Free workshops

In addition to regular lessons, we provide a huge range of free online workshops.

Zoom free music workshops
Your Workshops are amazing! They’re really special. They create a sense that we belong to a music school, where students of all ages can participate.”Lizzy Hogg, Thailand
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Emailed lesson notes

After every lesson we email notes about the lesson to you, so you can revise what we covered, easily see what you need to work on and track your progress:

Music Lessons Anywhere Skype or Zoom piano lessons online notes example   Music Lessons Anywhere Skype or Zoom piano lessons live online student with lesson notes


“Another thing which I like is the feedback sent immediately after the class. It’s in so much in detail and shows true professionalism.”Sunitha Basavaraju – Switzerland
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Latest News


May 21st 2022

Updated Student Showcase Youtube Channel


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Here’s Francesca performing Melodía Africana by Einaudi. Francesca has been taking live online piano lessons with Mix in Spain while living in Australia, now in New Zealand . Mix’s dad taught Francesca and her mum too, when they lived in England. Check out many more videos and recordings of our students’ and teachers’ work here on our Showcase page.

May 17th 2022

Even more music exam success


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Congratulations to:
Aiden: ABRSM Grade 2 Piano Performance Exam – Merit.
Aiden takes online piano lessons with Mix.
He comes from a very musical family. His sister takes online piano lessons with Mix and online clarinet lessons with Thomas. Their dad takes online piano lessons with Alex!
Declan: ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exam – Merit.
Declan takes online piano and theory lessons with Tracy.
Above is a video of another of Mix’s online piano students, Avery, playing ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles.
We can fast track you to pass the Grade 5 Theory Exam quickly with our Fast Track Grade 5 Theory Lessons.

May 4th 2022


Music Student Of The Month certificate - Francis 
Congratulation Francis, our student of the month for April! Starting at Grade 2 level and after only 9 hours of online theory lessons, Francis passed his ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exams with a Distinction. Francis in Hong Kong, takes online theory lessons with Tracy in England.

May 1st 2022

More music exam success


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Congratulations to:
Monica: ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exam – Distinction.
Lila: MTB Pre-Grade Higher Piano Exam – Distinction (scoring an amazing 98/100).
Francis: ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exam – Distinction.
Francis, aged 7, is our youngest student to have passed the Grade 5 Theory Exam, with the fewest lessons (9 hours of lessons from Grade 2 level). All take online piano and theory lessons with Tracy.
Odysseas: ABRSM Grade 2 Piano Performance Exam – Merit.
Madj (pictured): ABRSM Grade 3 Piano Performance Exam – Merit.
Both take online piano lessons with Alex.
Above is a video of Majd playing ‘Innocence, no.5′ from ’25 Studies, op.100’ by Friedrich Burgmüller, one of the pieces he played for his exam.

“I’m so happy… The convenience of having my online music lessons right from my room is the best idea ever. I’m always so excited for my next lesson.”Ohood AlHosani, UAE
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Zoom piano lesson review Jo and Maggie
‘Music Lessons Anywhere’ online music lessons are fun and focused, highly professional, enjoyable, fantastically creative and cover all aspects! Detailed lesson notes follow each lesson by email. Free online workshops and online concerts bring students together all over the world. We love being part of this unique online community you have created!”Jo Woods, UK
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